For the Month, April

Upping my reading game a little bit but listening to podcasts has been my go-to entertainment a lot lately. Here’s my month:


Audio 2/ Paper 3/ kindle 2

Fiction 6/ Non-fiction 1


For the months February & March

Still in a reading slump but I’ve been consuming lots of podcasts. Here’s the tiny list:


5 fiction

4 paper/1 audio

For the Month: January


Haven’t had as much time to read as I would have liked this past month. Honestly, I spent a LOT of time binge watching series on Amazon Prime, Netflix and my DVR. Also, I am not proud to say that I spent (wasted) a lot of time on social media getting sucked into all of the drama that’s going on in this country since January 20th.  I’m swearing it off and will definitely be unplugging more. It’s good for my reading list and good for my soul….

3 fiction/2 nonfiction

2 audio/2 paper

Books Read 2016

While not the greatest of years once again, I at least surpassed a goal of a book a week.  I did have some VERY long audio books in there (40+ hours) and have also been listening to some podcasts again so it cuts into my audio book reading time too.  Jake hiked the AT so I read quite a few memoirs from people who have done so. I also read some leadership/teaching books as always. We traveled to Madeira Island for two weeks in July, right in the middle of my usual summer of reading so I didn’t read for those couple of weeks and worst of all, I suffered from plantar fasciitis from the end of August to Thanksgiving so my walking/audio book time was cut out too. Unfortunately, I’ve been having a lot of eyestrain this year and have trouble reading paper or ebooks for any length of time… :(  Even with reading glasses, the words begin to blur on the page and I have to struggle through.  All in all, I did pretty darn good, considering…. For 2017, I’m going to shoot for my 100 book goal once again, with a minimum of 55.  Happy Reading!

75 books read

50 fiction/25 non-fiction

22 paper / 47 audio / 6 ebook


For the Month: December

Here’s my December, 2016 reads…


All fiction

3 paper/2 audio

Need to definitely up the reading for 2017!

For the Month: November

Another small reading month, although one of my audio books was extremely long!  Can’t wait until I am off in December so I can read during break.


1 audio/ 3 paper

4 fiction

For the month: October

Once again, it wasn’t a very successful reading month… Not walking has really cut into my listening time.  My feet are almost healed so hopefully, I’ll be back to the pavement soon!

Here’s my little list:

3 audio/ 1 paper / 1 ebook

3 fiction/ 2 nonfiction


For the month: September

Very slow reading month with getting back to school..



1 audio/ 1 paper / 2 ebooks

1 fiction/3 nonfiction

For the Month: August

August was another busy month and I’m back to school already.  We had lots of training as well.  I did spend some time reading kids’ books that will be used with writing and reading curriculum however.  I’ve still got lots more to read but wanted to get a jump start.


9 books

7 fiction/2 nonfiction

4 audio/ 4 paper/ 1 ebook



For the Month: July

Not much reading at all as I just got back from Madeira and there wasn’t much reading time.  (It was an awesome vacation!!)


Here’s my little list:

All audio books and all fiction. I’ve got quite a few paper books going right now.