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For the Month: December

Here’s my December, 2016 reads…


All fiction

3 paper/2 audio

Need to definitely up the reading for 2017!

For the Month: November

Another small reading month, although one of my audio books was extremely long!  Can’t wait until I am off in December so I can read during break.


1 audio/ 3 paper

4 fiction

For the month: October

Once again, it wasn’t a very successful reading month… Not walking has really cut into my listening time.  My feet are almost healed so hopefully, I’ll be back to the pavement soon!

Here’s my little list:

3 audio/ 1 paper / 1 ebook

3 fiction/ 2 nonfiction


For the Month: July

Not much reading at all as I just got back from Madeira and there wasn’t much reading time.  (It was an awesome vacation!!)


Here’s my little list:

All audio books and all fiction. I’ve got quite a few paper books going right now.

For the Month: June


Schools out!!  I’m ready for a great summer of reading ahead!  I’ve read some pretty long ones this month which took quite a bit of time so the list doesn’t look long.


4 fiction/ 2 non-fiction

1 paper/4 audio/ 1 ebook

For the Month: May

May was a good month… I love that my free time has opened up and that the school year is almost done!!  It’s only up from here!! :)


10 books

6 fiction/  4 non-fiction

7 audio/0 paper/3 ebook

For the month: April

April vacation rocks!!!!  Also, the weather is getting warmer and nicer so I’m hitting the pavement more.  Here’s my reading for the month.

12 books:

8 fiction/ 4 nonfiction

5 paper/ 5 audio/ 1 ebook

For the months: February & March

Here’s my little list once again… Audio books during commutes and a bit of paper book reading in bed before turning out the lights.  I’ve been very busy and am in a gym slump.  Once I get back in the groove it will pick up. This month, I’m traveling to see mom so I’ll definitely have some extra reading time. I miss my once extensive monthly lists!




11 books

7 fiction/4 non-fiction

7 audio/4 paper

For the Month: January

it was a busy month of school work… but here’s what I’ve got…. Not much!


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2 audio/1 paper

2 fiction/1 nonfiction