The Scoop

Reading is and always has been my passion. Ever since I was a little girl, I looked forward to devouring a good book. Many a night, I could be found with a flashlight under the covers long after I was supposed to be asleep. Even now, if I don’t have to get up for work the next day, I read in bed until the wee hours.

During the school year, I don’t read nearly as much fiction as I would like… but I am a self proclaimed magazine junkie 12 months of the year. I’m also blessed with the “need to know disease” and spend lots of time reading up on whatever topic I happen to be curious about at that time. During the school year, my research is generally work related, either reading up on topics that I will be teaching, reading about the latest teaching techniques, or reading children’s literature. I definitely consider myself to be a life-long learner :-)

My gauge of a good summer vacation is how many books I can read…. I’m never happier than when I can do a book a day! When we go to the lake, I haul my extra large LL Bean Boat and Tote full of books with me and if I can declare a 7 book week… Woohoooo! (A 14+ two week stay… OMG… I’m beside myself… parked on the dock with a cool drink, a good book and the water just inches away to cool off as needed!)

I enjoy reading Chick-Lit, biographies, fantasy, mysteries, tear jerkers, children’s literature and books about sports, country decorating, fitness/nutrition. I’ve read most books on the best seller list, Oprah’s book club, Newbery Medal Award winners, and once I find an author I like, I usually try to read their entire body of work.

These days, my reading time is shared with my online time since I read lots of blogs and online content. I love to read fiction with a good twist. My favorite authors are James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, Jennifer Weiner, Dan Brown, and John Grisham…. I’ve read them all….