Books Read 2016
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While not the greatest of years once again, I at least surpassed a goal of a book a week.  I did have some VERY long audio books in there (40+ hours) and have also been listening to some podcasts again so it cuts into my audio book reading time too.  Jake hiked the AT so I read quite a few memoirs from people who have done so. I also read some leadership/teaching books as always. We traveled to Madeira Island for two weeks in July, right in the middle of my usual summer of reading so I didn’t read for those couple of weeks and worst of all, I suffered from plantar fasciitis from the end of August to Thanksgiving so my walking/audio book time was cut out too. Unfortunately, I’ve been having a lot of eyestrain this year and have trouble reading paper or ebooks for any length of time… :(  Even with reading glasses, the words begin to blur on the page and I have to struggle through.  All in all, I did pretty darn good, considering…. For 2017, I’m going to shoot for my 100 book goal once again, with a minimum of 55.  Happy Reading!

75 books read

50 fiction/25 non-fiction

22 paper / 47 audio / 6 ebook


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