Ahhhhh…. it’s April vacation week and I’m currently sitting on t he boat in a nearly empty marina watching the sun go down. I love off season down here… quiet and just one with nature. It’s our first day down and we came to open her up for the season and will spend the night.  I just got back from Arizona where I spent some awesome time living my “taste of retirement” life.  I truly am a lucky girl. I love quiet time and I’m able to enjoy it when I’m off from work.  I read more this past week than I’ve been able to in quite awhile. I’ve knitted and  I’ve also put on more miles on this body than I’ve had time to recently as well.  Oh, how I love vacation!!!!  I can’t wait until I retire then I can do the things I love as much as I want. :) In the meanwhile, I’m thankful and blessed to have the week off… :)  Countdown is on to my summer life!


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Back to Busy

It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything! I’m back to school and back to the busy life. The summer wasn’t the greatest in terms of weather but it was still so nice to be on my abbreviated summer work schedule. Now, it’s back to work full time and then some. So much is different this year and it’s quite hectic.

I’ve made a big commitment to my health and wellness and have been doing great so far. Unfortunately I broke a toe at the end of August and haven’t been able to fit comfortably in shoes until this past week.  I finally went to the gym yesterday and it felt great to get on the elliptical and do some cardio. :-)  I’m down almost 20 pounds from clean eating, exercise and Advocare. Wooohooo!!!15263592648_8e54155d1e_o

In other news, Al got a new baby and we’re hoping to go for a few rides before pulling her into dry dock for the winter.



Life has been busy at the Madeira Club and with family as well. Of course, I still love being home best of all and am thankful that it’s a long weekend so that I can do the things I love most. :-)



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Short but productive summer!

So here we are on the eve of the 2013/2014 school year!!! It was a very quick summer; mostly because I worked ESY (extended school year) and only had one week off between the end and the start of the new school year. I attended classes all summer too which really cut into my free time. Regardless, I managed to read quite a bit in July despite working, class and painting at school.

Therapy room... Fini!
New classroom wall color! #laboroflove #paintingwoman


I worked a lot at my club setting up, cleaning and  serving at the festa and at the cigar dinner. Thankfully, the summer ended with the usual family getaway to Abakee Cottages and it was a fantastic week of family time and relaxation! I’m a bit emotional at the moment as the boy is actually flying back to Hawaii for his senior year of college as aI post this!

Baby boy @doza401 is on his way back to school ... ?


Now that summer is winding down, there’s lots of cooking and canning to do. I started in with my domestic duties yesterday but there’s still more to go. Sauce, jelly, jam, salsa, etc.. I love me some organic produce!!!

Time to make some jelly. #homegrown #homesweethome #jelly #canning
Homemade hand cut chunky garden salsa. Yum!!! #organicgarden #homegrown #homesweethome #salsa
Love me some organic chard.... Mmmm good! #organicgarden #green #vegetables #homegrown #homesweethome
Tomorrow is another new year with yet another new administrative team…sigh…!  I’m really tired of this and I’m giving it a year and will see what happens. As for me, I’ll be giving 100%+ as always and am ready to take on the challenge of bettering myself and being the best teacher that I can be!

Pretty in pink. #nofilter #nh #abakee #vacation #winnipesaukee

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Coming up for air…

It’s been an extremely busy fall and the holidays are just upon us! I’ve been completely swamped with work and school and have spent most of my free time working on projects. RIDE has mandated a new teacher evaluation system which is very time consuming and stressful. I’m not getting into details here but let’s just say, veteran teachers are even considering their career choices at this point. It’s a sad thing! Thankfully, my love of teaching and my students makes it bearable for me. I’m also in the throws of Alternate Assessment, which is always tons of work.
I’m just finishing up my coursework for the Certificate of Graduate Studies in Autism Education which has also been a ton of work! I’ve learned so much and love the program but it’s nice to be finishing up. I’ve got 3 more courses on the horizon, to get my Special Education Administration certificate and then I will be done! (yah, right… who am I kidding..lol)
I’m really looking forward to some reading for pleasure, getting back into the exercise habit and picking up my pointy sticks to turn that yarn stash into some fun projects.
For now, I’m enjoying the long weekend, basking in the fact that I finished a huge project this weekend and typing with a furry girl on my lap. Since we dialed back on Christmas gifts and making the rounds years ago, I really enjoy this season. I decorated upstairs on Thanksgiving night and we’ll wait a couple of weeks before getting the live tree for downstairs. I have a few gifts to buy for Yankee Swaps and gift cards for the kiddies but other than that, it’s a time of joy for me these days. :-)
Now it’s time to bring on the snow!

Ugh… something is wrong with my wordpress application… I only have Html view and the visual tab is greyed out so I can’t format.

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More Summer Life

Summer of love <3 Summer Life!

summer2012 016

Yard life ?

My summer playground #patriotstrainingcamp #patriots


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Life is good…

I’m feeling very blessed. :-)  It’s summer, which is my absolutely favorite time of the year, not only for the weather but because it’s a more relaxed schedule. I’m only working 3 days per week, Monday-Thursday, and have a 4 day weekend each week. It’s the ultimate!!  I’m able to work in my garden, do my housework, get a lot of exercise, READ, and get some relaxing in on my porch and in the yard. I love this schedule and on Mondays and Saturdays Al and I share a day off so we usually spend it in the boat. He fishes and I read.  Perfect!

I’m teaching a fantastic group of boys this summer and because the Olympics are on and are something that I love, I’m teaching about it and we’re enjoying it together. Of course, I’m not getting as much sleep as I usually do on a work night but hey.. it’s the Olympics! I’m happy to be walking to work each day and getting my exercise in that way. I’ve also started running a bit again and that makes me extremely happy!! I hope to be running every morning when I go to Abakee (NH) for my vacation at the end of the summer. I also hope to be dropping 10 pounds by the end of summer and getting back in my comfortable clothes.

My garden is starting to produce and although I started late, fresh veggies will be soon be in abundance. I’ll be canning, freezing and cooking up a storm. Nothing beats a freshly picked, organic tomato right off the vine… ahhhhhh!

I’m feeling a sense of peace and happiness right now…. and plan on riding the wave… I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!

 Pretty baby <3 xoxo
Polo2012 015

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Super Summer so far

What a fantastic summer it’s been so far. The weather has been great, I’m so happy to be working just 3 days a week and we’ve had just the right mix of activities and down time. I’m the type that loves to be home and really enjoys simple things. Hanging on my porch reading or doing a puzzle while listening to an audio book, hanging clothes on the line, gardening, and cuddling with my girlies suits me just fine. Of course, sprinkling in some outings is always fun but I really dislike it when my calendar is so packed with commitments that there’s no time to stay home and relax.

Saturday, we had an excellent time at Newport Polo with friends. It’s a fun day of tailgating, polo viewing and people watching. The weather was perfect, the match was exciting, and it was so much fun. Here’s a peek:


Pre-match Bocce

Polo2012 018

Big Al’s famous littlenecks


Beautiful pony

Halftime @polo

Halftime divet stomp


Plenty of beverages

Woohoo USA !

USA wins!

See full set here.

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Porch life

One of my favorite spots in my home is my back porch. It’s screened and comfortable even on the hottest days and nights. This is where I like to read, do puzzles, relax and enjoy summer. It’s where I am right now, coffee in hand, morning paper ready, watching the birds at the feeder and birdbath. Just one more reason that I love summer!  I’m heading back to school this Tuesday so my morning porch time will be reduced but I’ll still enjoy reading at night and on weekends. :-)

My life<3

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