Fanstastic Staycation

I’m one of those kinds of people who is a goal setter and a list maker. Coming into the vacation week, I had a lot of things on my To Do list related to my class and final presentation and paperwork for my job. Instead of going away on vacation like we usually do, we stayed home. This week was fantastic because I broke down all of my tasks and laid them out over the week allowing the final weekend open for leeway and to relax. Here it is Sunday and I’m able to say that I completed everything and am reading for pleasure and catching up on DVR’d shows today while getting those final snuggles with the girlies in. Tonight, I will organize my work items, get my clothes  and lunch ready and will turn in early. I’m hoping to have a good night’s sleep tonight and I’m ready to start off fresh.

So glad to not only work but relax and rejuvenate as well. :-)

Um bica & baileys
Done working for today #knit

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I’m looking for the light at the end of the tunnel… I know it’s there and I’ll see it soon, but right now, I am up to my eyeballs in paperwork! It’s the time of the year for progress reports, IEPs, extended school year (ESY) justification reports,  and the 3rd marking period for the alternate assessment, in addition to the normal lesson planning and other job related paperwork.

When I look at my March calendar, I don’t see many blocks that are vacant either. I’m grabbing every bit of overtime that I can (after school homework club) and Al is as well; having college age kids is not cheap!  I’m also trying to squeeze in exercise and find time to sleep!  As busy as I am though, I know that this too shall pass and will be in the rear view mirror in another couple of months. It’s amazing how the To Do list always seems so overwhelming, yet I always make it through.

Here’s to a productive day!

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Spring is in the Air!

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged here but I’ve been busy with some personal issues which have taken up my time …. (don’t worry, it’s nothing bad!) I’ve put my time and energy into my health and my family.  It’s finally spring and it’s a time of new growth and new life. I’ve got lots of things that I want to work on and get back to.  It’s the time of the year that I yearn to be outside and to work in the yard. I’m anxious to get my hands in the earth and start working on my garden.

First up will be clearing away any old brush from last year, uncovering my rain barrels and harvesting some beautiful compost from my bins to enrich the soil. Soon,  I’ll be filling pots with early hearty annuals and sprucing up the flower beds. My organic vegetable garden will follow.

As for indoors, let the decluttering begin! My daughter’s room has become the storage space for odds and ends and the things that I took out of my room when we redid the floors.  My bedroom now contains the bare minimum and it’s a welcome change. (Of course, it resembled a mini library with all of the books that I had in there before!)  My dream house would definitely have a cozy room full of windows and books, just right  to curl up and read,  with a pot of tea,  great view,  and my furry girls.

I’ve undergone some surgery this past year so physically, I’m not in the shape that I like to be in and I need to take it slow but since the rains have stopped and the Great Flood of 2010 has past, I’m taking advantage of the mild temperatures and sunshine and have been walking with my new Sketchers  Shape Ups. I’m anxious to get out there on my bike soon too. 

As always, I like to be healthy inside and out and spring always lights my fire. It motivates me to get outside in the fresh air and take care of business.

Oh Yah… lest I forget.. Beto’s new Baby… Soon to be dubbed Kelsea Leigh II

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Jump Start

It’s a windy, sleety day here and I’m beginning my day of working from home with my favorite breakfast: steel cut oats, fruit and nuts and coffee with soy milk.  I’m fueling my body right, will spend some time doing my Wii workouts (Wii Fit and Biggest Loser), get my laundry finished, and jump into the HUGE stack of school work that I brought home. I’m also making my shopping lists, cutting coupons and planning my week as it’s already gearing up to be a busy one. I have a calendar full of appointments during the week and both weekend days are already booked up as well.

Here’s to a productive day to start me off on the right track….

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Crazy Busy!

Since I’m just getting back to work and into the groove, I’ve got LOTS of things to do. November is a notoriously busy month at school with the change of quarters, report cards, progress notes, various individualized plans for students and shortened weeks due to days off.  It’s also  the start of the holiday season.

Naturally, with Thanksgiving on the horizon, there will be shopping and planning for feasts both at school and at home. I’m anxious to be completely back on my feet so I can get moving on the shopping and not wait until the last minute.  There’s lots-o-yardwork to do as well,  and it seems that most weekends  this fall have been rainy. Here’s hoping for a nice one coming up.

So, as soon as I log off here, I’m going to look at everything I need to do this month and plan it out week by week so that I’m in good shape. Although I’m a digital girl,  making the actual To Do list is something that I prefer to do the old fashioned way.. on paper with a nice sharp pencil.  (Of course, specific items will get transferred into my google calendar and will text me reminders on my phone.)

While I’m at it, I need to definitely schedule in  Sushi with Syd  and exercise time, including Yoga classes which are good for the body, mind and soul…

NaBloPoMo 4

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Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!

A time of new beginnings… and hope. <3  Things have been crazy here due to some medical things going on and the endless tests and waiting for answers.  I’ve pretty much been on auto-pilot for the last two months and have been pretty quiet in the social media/new media space. Thankfully for Pats fans it’s the offseason so they’re not missing much due to  my lack of podcasting. (Honestly though, family comes first so even if it was right in the the middle of the season, there probably wouldn’t be many shows anyway right now.) Hopefully, we get the answers we seek by the end of this week.

School is chugging along and with it, the dreaded Alternate Assessment hanging over my head… (I won’t get into how much I despise it and disagree with it here AGAIN…. let’s just say that it almost has convinced me to switch positions and leave the kids that I love teaching just to escape it, more than once!) It’s the time of the year that paperwork is piling up and I’ve got lots of IEP meetings to try to schedule as well.  I also need to really decide what I’m going to do in terms of taking more classes to apply towards my re-certification. I would prefer to work towards something that will give me some more options for the future rather than just take a bunch of random classes and end up with lots of credits.

I’m dying to get out in the yard and get my hands in the earth.  I’m planning on expanding my little garden and want to put in a raised bed across from it but we have to do some repairs to the fence first.  Last year, I had a great tomato crop and pole bean crop but many of my other vegetables didn’t do that well because of the cramped space. I’m hoping that my expansion will work out well and I’m looking forward to getting to work. My compost bins have been doing their thing and I’ll be uncovering my rainbarrels soon. (I’m such a nature girl.. always was and always will be!)

Although it’s grey this morning, I hope to get out to Lincoln Woods later today for a nice walk around the pond. I’ve also got the usual laundry, library, CVS,  and marketing to do before heading back to school tomorrow. Hopefully, I can squeeze in some reading time in there somewhere. Here’s looking forward to a productive week and some good news along the way.

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Walking the girls

Walking the girls

I’m on school vacation this week and couldn’t be happier. <3  Of course it’s a classic Staycation but that’s fine with me. I just LOVE being home. Plan for the week (not that a week is really all that long…) is to take my girls for lots of long walks, do some yoga every day, catch up on my reading list, do some major cleaning and decluttering and (ughhhh….) do some work on the Alternate Assessment for my students.  I’ve got a few appointments this week but just knowing that I get to live a little of my “summer life” this week has put a HUGE smile on my face.

btw… Happy Valentines Day, all.  I hope you get to spend it with the ones you love <3

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Let it snow… :-)

Looking forward to some more snow tonight into tomorrow to add to the ice that we have on the ground already. I’m hoping to hole up inside tomorrow and do some relaxing and maybe even take a nap. I Uttered yesterday about the mini-funk that I’m in and I think some it may relate to not getting enough sleep. I’ve been going to bed early enough but rarely sleep more than an hour or two straight. I’m hoping for a cure soon…

Jake’s wrestling all day today in a tournament so we’ll be heading out there in a bit. I’ll be bringing my knitting and a book since there are lots of teams wrestling and there will be some waiting around between his matches. I’m also working the concession stand for a bit but I’ll go crazy without something to do for all of those hours. Lord knows, I’m sooo behind on all of my reading!

I downloaded Suze Orman’s newest book, 2009 Action Plan,  from Oprah‘s website  and will be reading it via pdf.  It’s available for free until January 15th so grab it NOW! This is the year of really cracking down, with upcoming college expenses and everything else coming down the pike.

It’s a weird feeling without the Pats in the playoffs so football will be on, but it won’t be the same.  I’ll be able to multitask with the games on; something I often do but NEVER when my boys are playing. I’m planning on getting a podcast done soon.. It’s just tough to find quiet time with 3 dogs in the house!

For now, I’m going to eat some steel cut oatmeal with nuts and berries and head out to cheer on my son then watch some movies and drink a little wine tonight. Have a great weekend!  /me is doing the SNOW dance!

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