Overwhelmed…. RIAA I HATE YOU!

Life is good. My health is good. I’m getting my strength back and exercising daily. My kids are happy and healthy and my marriage is strong. So what’s the problem?

Of course, it’s the same thing that gets me down every single school year. It’s not the kids, or anything going on at my school. It’s the ridiculous waste of time and cause of my annual stress called The Alternate Assessment. Each year I have to create and administer 36 unique activities that match a specific list of standards. It’s an insane amount of work for something that I don’t even believe in. The toughest part of the project is coming up with the ideas and writing them up in such a way to regurgitate the jargon and give them what they want. Once the creative part is done, administering it is doable.

Right now, it’s the second marking period and the number of hours spent working on this with little progress is unbelievable. I literally spend every prep period on it, and time before and after school working on it as well. We’ve had 4 snow days this month and I’ve worked on it at home during those too. So many other things are being left undone because of it and even at home, I’m barely reading or doing anything other than think about that. I hate it sooooo much!
It makes me so angry that because of this thing, I actually consider giving up the job that I love every year because of the stress.

Why is it that the powers that be have no common sense? GRRRRRRR!

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NaBloPoMo# 22 I <3 teaching

I love it when I have one if those days when I hit it just right. Today was one. Lessons were challenging enough but not too over their heads that they weren’t engaged.  One of my greatest joys is seeing that door to reading unlock. I feel like my reading group is sprouting wings and can now begin to fly.  :-)

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NaBloPoMo #9 Upside down schedule

Today was parent/teacher conference day at school so rather than work my usual hours I was scheduled 1-3:30 and 5-7:30.  I was hoping to sleep in and catch up on some zzzzz but I was up most of the night anyway and ended up getting up at my usual 5:30.  I cleaned a bit, hemmed a pair of pants, read a book, showered and ate while waiting for the library to open at 9:00 so I could pick up some books  that were in. Then, I visited my former teaching partner at her medically fragile preschool classroom. What a great environment and awesome program!!  I headed in to work at 11:30 and stayed straight through to 7:30 and got a lot of work done between parents. I’m definitely glad to be home now and comfy in my flannels…. I don’t mind a different day every now and then but I’ll stick to my usual schedule, thank you very much!

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WTG… Warriors!!

While I was out of commission, my kids were doing their thing at Bryant University with the Special Olympics.  Great work, Athletes!

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Love This!

As a teacher and a reader, this really brought a smile to my face. What fun!!

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Look Good and Feel Good

Even Sugars dressed up! ;-)

Even Sugar's dressed up! ;-)

Since I’m just getting back to work and last week felt like a disaster, I’m very thankful for the easier schedule this week. As each day goes by, I’m feeling better and getting stronger and feeling more like myself. I’m purposely making an effort to dress up more for school this week to distance myself from my lounging clothes. Just wearing heels makes it feel more like a work day than a rest day so while I come home tired and dying to get out of my shoes by the end of the day, I’m dressed for the part while I’m there and feeling good. :-)  Today was a great day at school and I taught a fun science lesson to both groups.. getting together to team teach is just one more sign of normalcy and it feels great!

NaBloPoMo 12

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Rocky Start

Yes… I’m still here.

No.. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth!

I’m back to school and it’s been one of the most challenging starts I’ve had since my very first year of teaching when I was blindsided and given  all of the kids with Behavior Disorders. That’s not the situation this year, but it’s been difficult to meet a particular student’s needs within the confines of my school.  So, lots of mental energy and time have been spent just keeping above water this first month. Things let up quite a bit this week (don’t know why but I’ll take it!) and it’s actually been bearable. Here’s hoping that it will continue and school life will run more smoothly from here on out.  And….. not a moment too soon since state testing (NECAP) and the dreaded Alternate Assessment window begins on Monday.

This is one of the rare weekends that I don’t have any commitments and I’m thankful.  I’m hoping to do some fall cleanup in the yard, do the usual housework and errands tomorrow and  watch the Patriots game from the couch on Sunday.  I really need this quiet weekend  because work has been stressful and I’ve also had a lot on mind.  The weather has just turned so fall is in the air and nothing will make me happier than a relaxing weekend with a some good books and pots of tea. :-)

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Countdown to Camp…

It’s  Patriots Training Camp  Eve and I can feel that familiar excitement building…!  It’s going to be strange not attending every single session because of work but I’ll get there as much as I can. With the advent of technology and “Old Media” embracing “New Media” and the fact that I won’t be there every session, I’ve decided to forgo my traditional Mrs. B’s Training Camp Reports. I still may make some posts but the sense of urgency and need to rush home and drop everything to post is no longer necessary.

The PFW dudes will be live blogging from the tent and many people will likely be tweeting as well. Naturally, Mike Reiss and the other reporters will be posting from camp too and it’ll be all over the message boards and dissected and discussed before I even make it to my car.  I’ll literally have nothing to say two hours later when I finally make my way through the traffic and get home.  Besides that, there has been a ton of stress and other RL (real life) things to fill my mind these days and I really need to just go and enjoy camp without the stress of being “on duty”.  So, I’m not saying that there won’t be ANY reports or podcasts but I’m giving myself permission to just play things by ear and enjoy myself.  Fair enough?

School has been going well and even if I hated it I would still need to do it from a financial standpoint this year.  But… I don’t hate it at all.. I actually Love It!!  I’ve got a great group of students and while I love teaching my Severe Profound class during the year, I’m enjoying teaching academics to a higher level group this summer.  It’s a treat to be able to cover different material and work with them. The hours are also great and who can beat a 4 day weekend all summer?

Yesterday, I took a nice long ride on the Blackstone River BikeWay and it was great.  I’m lucky to have it so close by and it’s beautiful.  I had planned on riding my bike back and forth to school a lot this spring and summer but unfortunately, we’ve had so much rain, it’s been hard to plan it.  I hope to get back out on the path again soon.

As for right now, I’m hoping do some reading before crashing tonight because once camp hits it’s Patriots and nothing but Patriots for me from here on out!


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