NaBloPoMo #29 Close but no cigar…

UGH!!!!!  I can’t believe I forgot to post yesterday on 11/29!  What a dip. I guess it’s indicative of the stress and craziness of late. Oh well, while it would have been great to fulfill the NaBloPoMo commitment, and I missed by one day, I’m NOT going to sweat the small stuff. I’ve got far bigger things to think about.

On another note, today is the final day of Seesmic.TV, the video conversation site that took the web by storm in 2007/2008 and has since faded… However, knowing that it will be gone forever is sad. Many friendships have been formed over there and continue to this day. A huge group of members have gotten together for weekends over the years. (Not me, but I lived vicariously through them and their Seesmic postings.)  Like the podcasting community that I was once heavily involved in, things have a way of evolving, changing and moving on.. Still, thanks for the memories….

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Quiet farewell to 2008

Hope you’re enjoying the last day of 2008.  Getting ready to just relax and and welcome in the new year. A pot of tea, stack of books, and 3 dogs cuddled up with me here is a great way to spend a snowy day and evening.  Happy New Year All! {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/r4dBGzWR8j_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”Quiet final day of 2008 “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/UjCrX70yqm”}}}

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NaBloPoMo #2: Girls’ Day

Fall GirlsHope you all remembered to turn the clocks back last night and enjoyed your extra hour of sleep!  I was still up early since my body clock is pretty much set, although it was strange to get up when it was light instead of in complete darkness. Come Monday, when I hit the gym at 5:00AM it will likely still be dark on my drive there but may be light when I leave and head to school, unlike how it’s been up until now.

The boys are out in the boat fishing for the last time this season and I’ve got a rare Sunday home with just the girls :-).  I’m going to curl up with a book,  a pot of tea and my two pups later and enjoy a quiet day. The yard work that I was planning on doing is now going to have to wait… (It’ll still be there waiting for me next weekend too.)

I already posted to my Book Nook this morning, so I’m right on track with my daily postings. There’s also a video embedded here as well.  For now though, I’m going to unplug and do some exercise so I can make up for that delicious dinner and wine last night. Have a great day, all!

{seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/ECICvB8Dc2_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”NaBloPoMo #2 “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/koUbwFrJow”}}}

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What’s New :-)

Finally got a podcast up!  Better late than never, I guess.  Real life is just so busy right now that I’ve got little time to play. Although… find out where I’m going here:

Heading West!

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Squeezed it in!

{seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/XRvICScTGB_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”Camp! “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/LmD93ffnVP”}}}

Today’s report. Today’s podcast.

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Random vid hello :-)

Long time no “See”smic hehe!

{seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/zahciztwl9_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”MrsB update! “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/fYOofcG0I8″}}}

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Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a busy but productive weekend. Go Pats!!
And here’s this morning’s training camp report.
{seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/IvAiON1Ct7_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”Wrapping up a great weeeknd. “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/2F6OP5BdqO”}}}

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Getting Ready to Rendezvous!

Rendezvous prep… last minute logistics. {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/dLtbq33SuT_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”Get ready to Rendezvous! “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/EmC3jBnVv1″}}}

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