Virtual Hot Wings for Dinner…. :-)

As I sit and type (and take a break from cleaning and ironing) I’ve got the sounds of Matthew Ebel blaring from the speakers. Of course I own Beer and Coffee and listening to it religiously, especially when running and on podcasts, but this incredible live collection is something completely unique and cutting edge.

I’m listening to a (legal) bootleg collection of recordings of Hali Heron’s (Matthew’s) concerts in Second Life. I was there the first time around and caught the shows live, right from my desktop PC through the magic of The Internets…hehe.

What’s so different about these 7 hours of music is that it was compiled and distributed by a group of Matthew’s FANS. And the best part is, 100% of the profits will be going into Matthew Ebel’s pocket… yes, that’s right, maybe he’ll give up Waffles and Ramen for dinner after all! This just may blaze a trail and become THE New Media music purchase method of choice. (Imagine that… actually putting the money into the hands of the musicians! Brilliant!)

Get your own copy of Virtual Hot Wings NOW… and enjoy!!

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Just when you think that things will happen a certain way, something comes up and they change. My last post celebrated my day of freedom because the ASSessment was done finally. I thought for sure that my free time would increase and I would be able to start working on so many of the New Media projects and things that require my attention and also finish my class that had to take an incomplete for this spring. My body had other ideas…..

I spent over a week with very swollen glands and a sore throat and a couple of days with a fever so I ended up working and then literally going right to bed when I got home for the rest of the day/night. But more than that, I got a new student who is VERY challenging and presents a combination of many issues requiring ALL of my attention.

I’ve been going into work early and staying late until he’s actually on the bus and on the way home as well as expelling tons of mental energy brainstorming ways to meet all of his needs and transition him into a school environment both while at work and at home. So, all of my free periods, which were reclaimed as the assessment ended have been full of paperwork and things related to this situation instead.

It also was one of those hectic stretches where the commitments on the calendar just don’t seem to stop. Add the less-than-stellar-health to the mix and the Social Media world definately is not high on the priority list. Sure, I managed to scan the inboxes for super important emails but Google Reader has piled up and up. I’ve barely Twittered and Second Life is a distant memory. It seems strange to not have my finger on the pulse of what’s going on right now. And although it’s tempting to go back and try to “catch up”, it’ll be practically impossible so I’ll scan GR quickly then as tough as it’ll be, “Mark All Read” for many of them then start fresh.

I would love to say that this week will be different, however I don’t expect things to change much until I actually get out of school and start my beloved Summer Life… (ahhhh… just the thought brings a smile to my face. ) There was a major issue at school yesterday with one of my other students, lots of end of the year paper work to do, IEPs to write, meetings to hold and just the busy spring calendar itself with family things, Special Olympics and such.

I also started an Autism course that I’ve been waiting for which will run for 9 weeks bringing me into July. I’ve been reading a lot of books about Autism as well. Of course, I’ll still be trying to squeeze out a weekly podcast too, even if it’s via iriver like the last two.

So, if you don’t see or hear much from me for awhile, it’s not that I don’t love you… I’m just spread too thin.

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Splinters and Twitters

Up and at em early today as I’ve got Lily’s Birthday party at noon and of course.. the anti-shopper has to stop at Old Navy this morning because she doesn’t have a gift yet. (In all fairness, I did TRY yesterday but couldn’t find anything that I liked.) Yesterday, I ended up working in the yard all afternoon and have completely cleaned out all of the winter brush and dead stuff from last season.
Unfortunately, my hands are full of mini splinters and since waking up this morning, my body is doing its best to expel the little buggers. Thus, my hands are covered with red puffy bumps and it’s hard to type. (Reminder to self: Next Time Wear Gloves!)

I didn’t spend much time online yesterday as a result of my yardwork, and also because I was running errands to get Jake ready for his Freshman Frolic (yes.. he’s a last minute type just like his mother.) I most definitely spent the most time “unplugged” than I have in a long time.
misc07 046

We all know I’m totally into Twitter and use it for fun but also to keep up with what’s going on. Too bad I missed this little impromptu Twitter-fest in Second Life but opted instead to spend some time in Real Life watching movies with my husband on a Saturday night. I’m sure there will be more and I’ll be in the right place at the right time :-) I also missed out on a Matthew Ebel double header but I HAVE caught all of his SL shows in the past couple of week so I’m still ahead of the game.

Just downloaded and installed a handy dandy Twitter sidebar from Mike Demers called Tweetbar which will keep me up on the happenings without needing to toggle bag and forth between Firefox tabs. It’s especially good since it appears that the IM capabilities with gTalk have been in a state of “down at the moment” permanently.

Well, time to hit the road and fight the Sunday shoppers before taking off to spend some time with the little ones for the afternoon. It’ll be nothing but Homework (and catching up with tweets and stuff) for me when I get home.


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BRTC Reminder, Playing, Procrastinating & RAM

Man.. how easy is it to get wrapped up playing around? Twitter starts it all off for me… it’s just too tempting NOT to click on the links that fellow podcasters and Twitterers post. Take for instance, this little gem, Show Yourself, from Ed. I spent some time “playing with Ed’s widget” and conversing with Charles about the how-to of adding it to a Blogger blog. Meanwhile, the homework sits and is beckoning me… I’m home from work, feeling quite under the weather, so actually, I’m still ahead of the game because I normally wouldn’t have been able to do it anyway, right? (Yah, Karen, keep trying to convince yourself of that… !)

Just a reminder: Tomorrow is the day to Bum Rush the Charts! Follow the link tomorrow to purchase Black Lab‘s Mine Again through the affiliate link to help fund college scholarships and drive “one of our own” to the top of the iTunes charts!

On another note: here’s a little Twitter brain dump of mine from yesterday…

Realizing that trying to live in this New Media world with my crap computer is like trying to be a master chef with dull knives… 09:37 AM March 20, 2007 from web

I’m happy to report that replacing my 256k of RAM with the maximum allowable 1GB has already made some great impact in “sharpening my knives”. I actually took in a Matthew Ebel concert last night in Second Life and could actually not only listen but talk and move without crashing multiple times!! Yippee!! I’m still facing other issues which hinder my ability to wade smoothly through the land of New Media but at least I’m making a dent.

And now… just the act of blogging this has served to fuel my procrastination fire yet again..hehe!

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Final day of vacation…

Wow… where did the week go? It totally flew by. Today will be a day of changing gears and getting ready to adjust to the work week. Next week, I have lots of appointments and meetings after school so I’ll be jumping right in with both feet.

Today, I’ve got more ASSessment work to do and I’ll likely be “attending” more Podcamp Toronto sessions online as I work. Yesterday, I took in quite a few great sessions right from the comfort of my own home via the streaming video.

I also had the pleasure of enjoying two online podsafe concerts within a week. On Tuesday, I checked out Podsafe Music Live while at the U-Turn Cafe in Second Life with a bunch of other podcasters. It was an AWESOME show featuring Matthew Ebel, David McMillin, Geoff Smith Codaphonic and Kevin Reeves.

Last night, Uncle Seth performed at C’est What in Toronto and I was able to listen via the stream. I could have jumped into SL as well but decided instead to unplug the headphones and play it on the speakers so that I could get some other things done around here and get out of this chair! I spent wayyyy too many hours sitting yesterday and needed to get up and get moving.

So, with my powerwalk already under my belt and my To Do list by my side, I’m getting an early start and look forward to a productive day. I need to hit the market later to get stocked up for lunches and healthy snacks for work. God… I’ll be so relieved when this ASSessment is off my back, especially since I’m taking a course and also because I’m looking forward to moving in a new direction with my website and podcast(s).

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Times They are a Changin…

Change… sometimes it’s hard, sometimes easy.

This Week: I welcome the change from going to work to being home this week on February vacation… I’ve got lots to do this week and some decisions to make. I need to treat it as a “work from home” week though in terms of schedule because I’ve got to make a huge dent in the ASSessment.

Website: I’m not sure which direction to go in with the website as I’ve got some options; revamp either with someone’s help or alone, let it go the way it is, call it a day, downsize… I’m sure I’ll know what’s right for me at some point.

Health/Weight: Although I’m not obese, I did catch a talking to from the doctor last week because I had gained some weight since the last time I was there. He wanted to know what was going on with me because I was in such great shape (getting up and going to the gym at 4:45 every day will do that for ya…) back then. He was concerned because even then, my cholesterol was borderline but I had great “good” cholesterol so the ratio was fine, BUT he’s worried that the weight gain might have ruined that. So… being one to refuse to go on medication, that is serving to be more of a motivator to drop the extra 15 pounds than seeing my naked body and wanting to puke is…

Podcasting: Finding the time to keep up with my show and also the desire to start a completely new one while at the same time keeping the peace here and fitting it all in.

Decluttering and cleaning house… Letting go of old crap that is bringing me down and moving towards simplifying my life.. I’ve actually made a huge dent in this since the new year. I’ve donated so much stuff to someone who can put it to good use, and it’s a freeing feeling and makes keeping things straight here much easier. Of course, all these “projects” take time but I’ve got extra this week so it’s a good time to make some good headway.

Clearing my mind: Doing some good things for me emotionally and taking time just for me…

So, that’s where I am right now. We may get some snow tonight (hope so!) During my early morning walk it certainly had the snow smell in the air and it was like the calm before the storm; very quiet, still and grey. Plan for the day is to work some more on the ASSessment, keep up with my twittering peeps, and maybe even do some playing online in Second Life for a bit. (Seems like lots of time on here lately has been spent working although that’s not how it appears to some…sigh…)

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Assessments Suck….

Whoever was responsible for developing the RI Alternate Assessment for kids with significant disabilities obviously doesn’t have a life and thinks that people who have to do them don’t have lives either. I can bitch about all the reasons why I think the assessment itself is wrong and bogus but that’s a topic for another time… (I’m already ripped enough about it so don’t want to bring myself down even more by drudging it back up right here….) Point is… I’m in over my head right now because of it and although I’ve done a great job this month of getting back to writing out my lists of things to do and sticking to it, I’m so behind and feeling the crunch.

Random things I would love to be doing right now instead of this crap:

  • yoga
  • podcasting
  • reading some fiction
  • knitting a scarf
  • cleaning (yes… a clean house makes me happy!)
  • working on my website
  • surfing message boards and reading up on my AFC Championship game bound Pats!
  • cutting some clutter (goal for 2007… pare down the “stuff”)
  • chatting in Second Life
  • a soduko or crossword puzzle

So… my strategy to make it through is to schedule in a set time each day for Assessment and also some of the good stuff listed above so that I don’t totally freak out! At least there is some good news for the weekend which will help. Nothing on the agenda except the Club on Friday night, church Saturday night, and usual errands. Other than that, I don’t have to leave the house! Have I ever mentioned that I love being home? I’ll settle in to watch my boys win the AFC Championship then get online to book a flight to Miami on Sunday night and go to bed with a smile :-)

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