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NaBloPoMo #19 Cuteness

Jacob with fish

Happy 17th Birthday to my little  guy today! Of course.. he’s not so little, but he’ll always be my baby!

I’m recovering from a dental procedure so I’m hitting the hay early so here’s something cute for today’s post. I’ve been clicking on this from links all over the web. It’s right up my alley and it’s so adorable. :-)

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NaBloPoMo #14 TGIF

What  a game last night!  Coming from behind 24-6 only to lose it in overtime.. what a bummer!  Luckily, today was a good day at school and it was pretty low key.  I’m thankful for that as I’m operating on reduced sleep today. It’ll likely be an early one tonight… as soon as the wrestling ceases and things calm down!

I tried dropping an Utter into my podcast feed and I’m happy to say that it worked! It came right through into iTunes without a hitch.   Now, I’ll be able to still reach my listeners even if I don’t have time for an actual podcast during busy times. What’s great about it is, I can call it in then post it to the feed from any computer, any time.

I’m hoping to get a lot of errands done tomorrow then relax and watch a movie at night.  I’ve got a VERY busy week ahead and every day afterschool is booked with appointments. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and there’s lots to do before then.

As of now, I may have to actually separate these girls and put them in their crates if the royal rumble doesn’t stop soon!

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NaBloPoMo #11 New Addition <3

Yesterday I mentioned that I had something on my mind and today it all came to fruition. My friends who have Bella and Chloe’s parents initially kept one of the puppies from Chloe’s litter. Due to work changes in their lives they felt that they couldn’t give her enough attention so they asked me if I would mind taking her to be with her sisters. Little Miss Sugar came home today and so far so good!  She’s so tiny and pretty much stuck close to me today but there was no major issue when I brought her home. Here are some pictures from our first day together.

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NaBloPoMo #6 Soggy Day

We took the kids swimming today which was lots of fun (and a functional way to practice daily living skills for some).  While the pool water was warm enough, the adults endured lots of splashing as the kids don’t quite get the straight leg kicking  yet… (personally, I think they can do it but it’s just so much more fun to splash like there’s no tomorrow, dontcha think?)  When we left the community center to walk back to school, it had started to rain and we all got soaked.

I’m still wet! It’s been pouring here ever since. I’ve had to take my dogs out numerous times since I’ve gotten home from school but they hate the rain and just stand there and shiver instead of doing their business. I wish there was some way to make them understand that the sooner they go, the sooner they will get out of the rain that they despise so much! Needless to say, I’ve had to clean a couple of accidents tonight and hope that they’re not going to make a habit of it.

As for me, I’m finally out of the wet clothes (although my pony tail is still damp) and I’m rolling over with a book very soon. On another note, I’m not sure what happened with yesterday’s post but while I did write it and pimp it out last night I messed up and hit save rather than publish. It really was NaBloPoMo #5 and I’m still on track.

Who? Me??

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Jam Packed Week Ahead

It’s 10:30 and I just finished the A New Earth webcast with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle and although I need to get to bed, I need to go over my to do list first so that I can let it rest and get some sleep. I’m currently stressed out because Bella’s been barking all night and I’ve taken her out 5 times in the rain since I put her down. Since she only peed the first 2 times, I keep taking her out because I don’t know if she’s still got more business to do or if she’s just not tired. (A little birdie told me that they napped a real long time on the couch with Dad today.)

Anyway, we hit the gym after school then went to the market tonight. (It was quite the day at work because there were two shootings (resulting in dead teenagers) over the weekend so the school is on lock-down and everyone was all riled up. It’s a very sad situation and there’s rumors of retaliation so the streets at dismissal were full of police cars from our district and the neighboring communities. This is a very scary reality in the inner city…..

Tomorrow I have a faculty meeting, a special Ed meeting Wednesday before school and one after school, a hair appointment on Thursday afternoon and Jake’s wrestling banquet at night. On Friday, I have a doctors appointment first thing in the morning and the girls are getting their stitches out after school. We have plans for Saturday and then on Sunday I’ll be at the Special Olympics all day with my students.

This week I don’t have many free periods either…. lunch duty Thursday… GRRRR! and my “Lucky Day”… the day that I don’t have a single break and also have to teach the entire group falls on Friday. I haven’t planned yet for that and the ASSessment is due next week.

Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.. and if there is, it looks to be the train coming to hit me head on. Sigh…

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Gorgeous Day!

Spring is sprung but it felt like summer today! I took the girls on a nice long walk in woods, finished Merle’s Door which I’ve been trying to do all week, and read two shorties, Aquamarine, and Good Dog. Stay. this afternoon.

I’ve got a load on the line and all of my windows open. Just a taste of what’s to come… ahhhhhh, how I love summer! Al and Jake went out into the bay with the boat today and reported that it was just perfect out there as well.

Word is, tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous too! Overall, this has been one of the nicest April vacations we’ve had in a long time. I’ve gotten to take the girls out quite a bit and it’s nice to shed the sweaters!

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Quick Hits: Friday

Some quickies for today:

  • I’m probable on this week’s injury report and have been cleared to return to work next Wednesday! Yippee!!
  • I posted a mini-podcast this morning as the Pats continue on their Path to Perfection.
  • Chloe is home and is adorable (despite rank puppy breath!) and she and Bella have turned this place into a Puppy Wrestling Ring! There’s been lots of rough housing as they sort out just who’s going to be the top dog around here (after me of course!) Despite Bella’s size and age, Chloe’s tenacity and determination just may win her that top spot.
  • I’m getting ready to flip Chloe over since she’s got the day and night thing mixed up like many newborns do …. She’s up crying all night and I haven’t slept a wink.
  • Don’t forget to don your PEAvatars today for Frozen Pea Friday #2 and if you have yet to donate and want to make a last minute 2007 tax deduction, today is the perfect day!
  • Heading out to get my hair done and it’ll be the first time that I venture out and drive since that fateful fall on November 26th.

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