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Today’s report. Today’s podcast.

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What a difference a day makes

Last night…

I was totally stressed out looking at my huge To Do list with little time to pull it all off. At the beginning of the week, I tackled our spare room in the basement and worked for 12 hours decluttering and cleaning. I knew I still had training camp ahead of me all week and also need to go to school to set up my classroom.

In the meantime my son decided that he wanted to paint his room,  so in addition to helping him, my house was a disaster during the remodel and it drove me nuts. I had camp all week, which also meant website updates, training camp reports and nightly podcasting. Last night, I was getting worked up trying to come up with a plan to do it all.


I got up early this morning, headed out to Target with Jake to get new bedding and curtains and helped him finish off that room. When I got to camp today, they said that they added another practice (Friday, 8/15 from 12-2)  I definitely can’t make that one as I already have 3 appointments scheduled for Friday.  So, since tomorrow is my only day that I can make it to school, I’m not going to tomorrow’s, 2:30 session either. (Since my perfect streak will be broken anyway on Friday, it’s almost easier to not go tomorrow now too and do the right thing by getting in that room.)


I came home, wrote my final training camp report, spent a few hours getting my house back in order, balanced my checkbook, did my online banking,  and recorded my final training camp podcast. Knowing that they’re in the bag (and that I have no more to do)  has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. And, if I can set up most of my room before I head out for vacation, I’ll have no worries about that next week either and can truly relax.


My daughter already asked about painting her room but that baby will have to wait until Labor Day weekend. I’ve still got tons to do before I leave but at least the “major” things will be behind me.

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Busy Patriots week

Karen & TedyIt’s been a great, but tiring week complete with 10 Training Camp Reports, 7 podcasts, numerous site updates and hours of eating, sleeping, and drinking Pats under my belt!  Thankfully, we all had the day off today,  and tomorrow night, Al and I are getting together with a big group of people for the Springsteen concert at Gillette. It was exactly 5 years to the day that we were there for his last show. :-)

I finally got my house back in order, weeded through a week worth of mail,  did tons of laundry and ran a few errands so I’m beat.  I’m dying to just cuddle my girls and read a book. In fact, I think that’s just what I’m going to do right now. Goodnight!

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Busy, but productive week!

Fans lining up to get into Patriots Training CampIt’s been a GREAT week!  Patriots training camp is in full swing, and I got together with 3 friends to catch up earlier in the week; two that I don’t see nearly enough and one that I’ve reconnected with after years and years. It’s not that we had a falling out, it was just that life took us in different directions and we just lost touch.

Bella had her eye follow-up yesterday and her eye is healing well so she’s free of the satellite dish and is a very happy girl. Over all she managed well with the collar but it’s such a relief to have it off to return to life as normal. :-)

I’ve also had some “luck” with some technology issues that I’ve need to take care of. I’ve added an email subscription box to each of the sites so that folks can subscribe to receive content delivered to their in-box if they prefer that over rss. While setting that up, I discovered that 3 of my feeds weren’t working right and fixed them just in time for the start of camp. (Thanks for the help, Ed!) Also,  for some reason, the podpress player is magically working on my podcast page once again. I don’t know how it suddenly started working but I don’t really care, I’m just glad it is!

Joephoto and MrsB at camp.One of the best things that has happened to make my life so much easier is that Patsfans and Patriotsplanet agreed to subscribe to my rss so that my Training Camp Reports would be automatically posted on the forums there rather than have me cut and paste all over town. It really does cut down on my workload when I get back from camp. Speaking of which, the first training camp report has been posted and yesterday’s podcast has been as well.

MrsB151: Welcome to Camp!

Game plan for today is to unplug and take advantage of the gorgeous day to work in the yard and around the house. After all of that rain, my zucchinis are like baseball bats and the tomatoes are ripening all at once. I’ve got weeds to pull and laundry backed up. We’re heading to a party this evening and another tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a double session day at camp but I’ll likely only make the morning session. At that, I probably won’t even have time to post a report right after because I’ll have to rush to make it to the Christening  on time.

Hope you had a great week as well!

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Training Camp Day One

I didn’t make it to camp because it was closed to the public but here’s a quickie show for Day 1.

MrsB150 First Day Wash-Out

If the ground isn’t too saturated tomorrow and they hold public practice I’ll be there. Keep your eye open for daily posts and podcasts. :-)

Go Pats!!

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Podcamp Boston 3

Podcamp Boston 3I had been looking forward to Podcamp Boston 3 as soon as the dates were announced and planned on going to the Saturday session because of easy train access.  However, when something else that I was REALLY looking forward to was planned for the same day, I had to bow out and thought that I would have to take a pass on PCB3.  Luckily, things fell into place and at the last minute I ended up being able to take in the Sunday session. I so prefer public transportation but thanks to GPS and free parking I made the drive in to Boston. Despite tons of traffic getting out of there, it worked out ok.

The venue was beautiful (albiet more spread out than last year’s PCB2) and I immediately headed up to the 3rd floor for some coffee and to put down my bags and get a look at the schedule.  I finally got to meet @DougH whom I’ve interacted with online for quite some time and was introduced to Steve Coulson of the Advanced Guard and YesButNoButYes fame while chatting with CC Chapman.  Apparently, I made his day by raving about how much I love my daily visits to his site. :-) I hung out by the Utterz booth and talked to them awhile and took home my very own Bessie :-).

When it was time to head down for the unkeynote, I settled in to the auditorium and stayed for David Fisher’s presentation on Advanced Audio Techniques, then CC’s Personal Branding session. Of course, it was nice to see old friends like Len Edgerly (even if we didn’t get lost together this year) and meet a some folks that I’ve only seen online  on Twitter and Seesmic like @philcampbell, @chriscavs@jeffhinz, (Mike)  @istarman, (Sarah) @rojopelo, (Tracy) @tapps, (Dana) @wankergirl and many more.  While I didn’t hang with those Seesmic folks and missed out on the Seesmic Session and the live Push My Follow recording it was still nice to meet face to face even briefly.  I told myself before I got there that this year I would go up to people to introduce myself and I’m glad I did.

After hitting the food court and meeting Keith Burtis at lunch I took in Chris Brogan‘s Social Media session then the Extreme Website Makeover with Chris Penn, Michele Wolverton, and Whitney Hoffman.  I picked up some good tips in that one, specifically a site called Website Grader and the All in One SEO Pack plug-in  for WordPress. It’s not that I’m producing my content for business purposes but heck, if I’m going to do all the work it might as well be found!

While it was a relatively mellow podcamp for me, (compared to the highly social experience for many of the campers) it was nice, productive day which got my wheels spinning just in time for daily podcasts and training camp reports from  Patriots Training Camp, which opens this Thursday, July 24th!  I’ve still got lots to do before then but it was a most excellent weekend!

For more content on the web search for tag pcb3. Here’s the public flickr stream to get you started. 😉

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Let it Rain…

As you know, I’m a garden nut and in addition to my new compost bins, I purchased a couple of rainbarrels to use to collect water for my organic vegetable garden and potted plants.  I’m attaching a soaker hose to the one near the garden which I’ll snake among the vegetable plants and will open as needed. The other one is on the other side of the house and I plan on using it to fill my watering can for my hangers and pots.

I ordered them back in May and got them last weekend when they became available for pickup. I finally borrowed a hacksaw to cut my downspouts and just missed a huge downpour today by about 15 minutes.  I’m sure there will be plenty more and I’m glad that my lawn, garden,  and flowers got a good soaking  but it would have been nice to grab that run-off from the roof  as well to use on a dry day.

I recently did a quickie Muse with Me Podcast about being green.. You can listen (and watch) the enhanced show #7  here:

Muse007: On Being Green

I’ve been super busy offline but hope to get another one done this month at some point.

Meanwhile.. I’m waiting for a nice rainy day to fill those barrels and maybe  catch up on my reading.  (Actually, I’ll even take a sunny day with no commitments to just sit by the pool!) As a friend mentioned to me today, I never seem to have as much free time in the summer as I think I will.  Hopefully, that day will come soon!

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Day 2: Still no rest…

…but I’m ok with that!  I’m still in catch-up mode but the relaxing is coming soon, I can see it!  I took the girls for another early morning walk at Lincoln Woods which was a great way to start today. When I got home, they napped and I set to work in the yard. My flower beds and garden are fully weeded and are looking fiiiine!

Later, I put together the two compost bins and moved my compost heap back. I’ve got a nice blister as the result of my efforts but tis ok with me. It’ll be nice to have the compost contained and easily accessible from the bottom when it’s ready rather than having to dig up entire piles to get to the good stuff.

Then I ran some errands: library, school to feed my fish, Jacob drop-off(s) and pick-up(s), etc.  We got some rain tonight which nixxed my evening walk at the Monastery with the girls but was welcome just the same. I love the green look of spring and early summer.  It totally puts me at peace and makes me smile.

This evening, I finally did a quick PatriotWorld Podcast. I’ll do another as soon as the Training Camp schedule is released and there’s more going on. Now that Pats news is focused on the future, I’ll be tuning in once again.  I haven’t turned on the NFL Network or listened to any sports talk radio all offseason. I like to focus on the positive so I steered clear of the Monday morning quarterbacking and debacle news.

Tomorrow, I plan on walking the girls, staking some plants, getting my laundry on the line early and hopefully spend a bit of time relaxing and reading by the pool.  It hasn’t happened yet, but getting things accomplished makes me very happy. :-)

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