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Last night, I dusted of the mic and did a Patriotworld Podcast in anticipation of Patriots training camp which is opening tomorrow. YIPPEE!!!

You can head over to the podcast site to either listen there or to subscribe if interested. I should be updating regularly now that it’s camp time and with the season right around the corner. Go Pats!!

I also did a Muse with Me Podcast while I was at it.  It’s my non-Pats related cast, covering real life things such as what’s going on in my world and about what I’m up to in my garden, and about the books I’m reading. I almost forgot how to do it but it all came back…lol.  It was a productive night! :-)

Your best bet is to subscribe via RSS or iTunes so you don’t miss any updates (if you are so inclined. ) :-)

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Time to get back to normal…

Without getting into much detail, I must say that the past few months have been a blur…. We had a medical scare here and while we still don’t have all of our answers and know exactly what was wrong, we now know that some serious, scary things have been ruled out. With the coming of spring and the good news, it’s time to get back to a normal life and schedule here. I’m hoping to be able to finally get a good night’s sleep without spending hours tossing and turning. I’m so ready to finally wake up rested for a change.

Tomorrow will be Day 130 at school, with 50 to go!  It’s that time of the year that I have lots and lots of paperwork and various individualized plans and assessments  to do for my students. In order to make it, I’ll be staying at school late and bringing work home a lot. April vacation starts on Good Friday, 4/10, and I’ll likely be working every day  on it during the following week.  I’m not going away anywhere and I have an appointment every day but the agenda will include  school work, working out, and yard work. I’m really hoping to have a good chunk of work done before vacation starts so I can do some relaxing too.

I finally was able to get my Pats website updated this week, after spending time fixing the bugs that prevented me from automatically updating. I also banged out a real quick Podcast after school today and hope to be more consistent with the draft approaching. The one thing that I’ve managed to do a lot of these days has been reading.  Since I’ve not been online much at all, I’ve been banging out the books!

I’ve also been able to go to the gym quite a bit, have been working out at home and after school with coworkers, and may run a 5k this weekend…. we’ll see how it goes! Meanwhile, despite the craziness in my life of late, I’ve personally been trying to take very good care of my health and balance it all.

It feels good to be back….

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Let it snow… :-)

Looking forward to some more snow tonight into tomorrow to add to the ice that we have on the ground already. I’m hoping to hole up inside tomorrow and do some relaxing and maybe even take a nap. I Uttered yesterday about the mini-funk that I’m in and I think some it may relate to not getting enough sleep. I’ve been going to bed early enough but rarely sleep more than an hour or two straight. I’m hoping for a cure soon…

Jake’s wrestling all day today in a tournament so we’ll be heading out there in a bit. I’ll be bringing my knitting and a book since there are lots of teams wrestling and there will be some waiting around between his matches. I’m also working the concession stand for a bit but I’ll go crazy without something to do for all of those hours. Lord knows, I’m sooo behind on all of my reading!

I downloaded Suze Orman’s newest book, 2009 Action Plan,  from Oprah‘s website  and will be reading it via pdf.  It’s available for free until January 15th so grab it NOW! This is the year of really cracking down, with upcoming college expenses and everything else coming down the pike.

It’s a weird feeling without the Pats in the playoffs so football will be on, but it won’t be the same.  I’ll be able to multitask with the games on; something I often do but NEVER when my boys are playing. I’m planning on getting a podcast done soon.. It’s just tough to find quiet time with 3 dogs in the house!

For now, I’m going to eat some steel cut oatmeal with nuts and berries and head out to cheer on my son then watch some movies and drink a little wine tonight. Have a great weekend!  /me is doing the SNOW dance!

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NaBloPoMo #14 TGIF

What  a game last night!  Coming from behind 24-6 only to lose it in overtime.. what a bummer!  Luckily, today was a good day at school and it was pretty low key.  I’m thankful for that as I’m operating on reduced sleep today. It’ll likely be an early one tonight… as soon as the wrestling ceases and things calm down!

I tried dropping an Utter into my podcast feed and I’m happy to say that it worked! It came right through into iTunes without a hitch.   Now, I’ll be able to still reach my listeners even if I don’t have time for an actual podcast during busy times. What’s great about it is, I can call it in then post it to the feed from any computer, any time.

I’m hoping to get a lot of errands done tomorrow then relax and watch a movie at night.  I’ve got a VERY busy week ahead and every day afterschool is booked with appointments. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and there’s lots to do before then.

As of now, I may have to actually separate these girls and put them in their crates if the royal rumble doesn’t stop soon!

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NaBloPoMo #5 Patriots Updates

While the last 48 hours have been all about the election and I was glued to it last night,  this evening was time to get my Patriots content updated. I really wanted to get a podcast done this week as it’s been WAY too long since my last show. So, if you’re here and follow me because of the Pats, the website has been updated and my latest podcast has been posted.

Right now, there’s a 3 way tie for the top spot with The Pats, Jets, and Bills all at 5-3.  Miami isn’t far behind at 4-4 either. We’re playing all three of our division rivals in a row so by the end of November, things could look much different.

Speaking of November, it’s going to fly by I’m sure!  It’s one of those “not enough hours” months. We looked at our calendars today for math class and I noticed that there are only 15 school days (for the kids) this month due to the election, holidays and parent/teacher conferences. It’s a busy month for me though with Assessment work and 3 Thanksgiving dinners to be involved with.

As of now, I’m about to check out my inbox, continue to smile about what took place last night, then roll over and try to catch up on some of the sleep I didn’t get last night when I was watching History in the making until 2:00AM

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Musing… and NaBloPoMo

So, it really HAS been a productive day!  Not only did I update the website this morning, but I was even able to post a new Muse with Me Podcast. As I mentioned in this morning’s post, I’m going to be using that feed to post a variety of audio and video content so now’s a great time to subscribe if you are not already. Don’t miss a thing by entering http://musewithme.com/rss into an aggregator or itunes. You can also subscribe via email by going to the site and entering your email address in the “subscribe via email” box.

Muse Logo

For now, it’s time to unplug for the night and head out to dinner with my husband.  See you again tomorrow for  Day 2 of NaBloPoMo!

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Finally productive :-)

Divine Miss BIt’s amazing how one little step leads to another… I’ve been struggling because I just haven’t had much time to update my website, produce podcasts nor update the tailgate page. Of course, being sick for two weeks after coming back from San Diego didn’t help but I truly felt like I was facing a mountain that was too high to climb.

Thankfully, I decided to Utter my feelings yesterday morning on the way to work and I got a couple of replies which made me think of things differently. DougH had a good suggestion about sending an Utter after the game which only takes a couple of minutes. I guess I was in the mindset that I wanted to “save what I had to say for the podcast” however, the trouble is, I don’t always have enough time in the week to get one done. I need to drop the “all or nothing” attitude and accept that I can only do what I can do. So, I may be using Utterli to keep up with my Pats updates. You can follow me here: http://www.utterli.com/mrsb

So, sparked by that conversation and remarkably having some time on my hands, I uploaded all of my pictures and posted the past two tailgate reports. Corralling the Ponies on Monday Night, and Rams: October Sunday at 1:00 are up.

I’m also going to start using 12seconds.tv a lot more to put out quick updates. You can subscribe to the feed through an rss reader or even iTunes. http://12seconds.tv/channel/mrsb/feed  I’m thinking about a way to include some video in my Muse With Me feed so I’m going to think about how to do it. I’m not talking about adding anything extensive since I can’t even keep up with what I have but I’d like to incorporate it to streamline what I’m doing.

Look for a daily blog post of some kind as I’m in the NaBloPoMo group and figure that I can spare at least 12seconds, a couple of minutes or maybe a bit more each day and making the commitment will be good for me.

PS… The cute picture has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that it just makes me smile :-)

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Talking Football

Although I’ve turned the corner after the Jets game and our sweet 19-10 Cassel-Debut win and am now thinking of the upcoming weekend, I have been talking lots of Pats football all week. Yesterday afternoon, I did an interview with The Producer of Pigskin Pundits and this afternoon I posted my  own current podcast.

I’ve had a super busy week and have needed to take my bike back and forth to school every day because we’re down a car which is in the shop.  I’ve also added going to the gym at 5:00 AM to my repertoire so I think my body is telling me that I need to get more sleep. It’s pretty early, but I’m going to listen and hit the hay as I can barely keep my eyes open.

Good night, kids… and … Go Pats!!

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