Awesome Saturday

Sometimes things just work out according to plan. Yesterday was one of those days. On Friday, I laid out my game plan for the week and was anxious to jump right in. My day started before dawn as always. After taking the girls out and getting the coffee going, I checked email quickly then bundled them up for a brisk, early morning walk. It was just what we all needed; tiring them out and energizing me for my day ahead. I put them in their crates for a nap and did a thorough cleaning of my house, including washing my floors (on hands and knees no less!) and starting my laundry.

One of my goals for this week was to go back to square 1 and embark on Housebreaking 101. I took Chloe out many, many times yesterday but she didn’t have a single accident in the house. So, we’re at 100% thus far. It really is a matter of being on top of her every move and not allowing her the freedom to play and hang out unless she’s just gone to the bathroom. I’ve been lax in that and was giving her too much freedom. (Of course, getting her in the dead of winter when she was less than 2 pounds didn’t help. It was too cold to take her out and she swam in every sweater, so I used the pee-pee pads which told her it was ok to go in the house. Now that she’s a bit older and bigger, it’s strictly outside from now on.)

With a clean house, I was able to work on Lesson Plans all afternoon and I’m almost done. I’ve just got a little bit to do today then I’ll be able to put them away until I head back to school next Monday. I was even able to read a magazine and a couple of chapters of a book.

At night, we headed over to Twin River for dinner at Fado‘s and for drinks and a show at The Lighthouse Bar. Bruce in the USA was playing and it was unbelievably good. The group is a Springsteen tribute band and it was amazing how much they looked and sounded like the E Streeters. The place was rocking and they played for 3 hours straight. It was a great night and perfect ending to a most productive day.

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Kevin Reeves: Thanks for the Music!

For those of you who are fans of Kevin’s music (and have heard it played on my podcast as well as others) or if your new to his stuff, now is the perfect time to get his whole album It’s About Time … FOR FREE!

Kevin has graciously offered it as a free download from his site. If you do download it, jump over to say thanks and if you have a site be sure to post a link back to him as “payment”.

Thanks Kevin!


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