Movies, movies, movies

new-moon1It’s funny how things happen. Yesterday when I was out with a friend for lunch, she mentioned that she was going to the movies that afternoon with her nephew. I told her that I hadn’t gone to the show with my husband since Fatal Attraction!  I’ve been to the theater a few times over the years with the kids  when they were little but he and I usually watch DVDs at home on Saturday nights.

Well…. don’t you know that last night, without even knowing about my earlier conversation, he says to me out of the clear blue, “What do you think about going to the movies tomorrow night to see New Moon?”  How’s that for a coincidence?

Just got home and we both enjoyed it. Of course, I’ve read all of the books so I knew what was going to happen but it was great to see it on the big screen. Now I don’t have to wait 6 months to see it on DVD.

It’s a movie weekend for sure as we watched 3 DVDs last night (My Sister’s Keeper, The Ugly Truth and American Violet) and have a stack left to watch tonight and tomorrow night (Patriots are on Monday Night Football.)

So, between the reading that I’m doing and the movies that I’m watching I’ve been a content consuming girl this weekend. Time to head downstairs for the second feature of the night.

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Productive weekends make me smile

I love it when I have a weekend without anything in my calendar. That’s not to say that it’s a weekend with nothing to do; rather, a weekend that I can get things done.  This was one such weekend. I made my list on Friday night and started it off with exercise. It was a wise choice and the girls loved our early morning walk along the bike path (and car ride too.)  Then, I set out to work in the yard and weeded the entire thing, including flower beds and garden. I cleaned the patio, washed down the pool cover and stored it away, did all of my laundry and watched a couple of movies at night, Charlie Wilson’s War and The Departed, for the second time.

Today, was pretty much the same and I got the whole pool area cleaned up. My daughter and her friend were in it all afternoon, soaking up the sun and getting some relief from the 90+ heat. I did a few errands, worked some more in the yard then spent a nice evening with our Rendezvous friends looking at the pictures and having lots of laughs…( I’ll be uploading theirs to add to the set soon.)  As of now, I just had to cave in and I’m sitting here in bed with the AC on because it was well over 90 up here on the second floor. It’s not like me, but I must admit that it is getting quite comfortable and my freshly laundered sheets won’t end up soaked with sweat tonight.

Tomorrow, the countdown continues… and my smile gets wider by the day!

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Wine and movie night

Last night was a double header… Two bottles of my favorite wine, Chumeia Pinot Noir 2005 (pronounced Koo-may-ah) and two movies, No Country for Old Men and Deja-vu.   The wine was delicious as always and we enjoyed both movies.  I’m glad that we watched Deja-vu last because it was a lot faster paced and I was able to stay awake (despite the wine, busy day,  and getting up before the crack of dawn with the girls as always.)

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