Musing… and NaBloPoMo

So, it really HAS been a productive day!  Not only did I update the website this morning, but I was even able to post a new Muse with Me Podcast. As I mentioned in this morning’s post, I’m going to be using that feed to post a variety of audio and video content so now’s a great time to subscribe if you are not already. Don’t miss a thing by entering http://musewithme.com/rss into an aggregator or itunes. You can also subscribe via email by going to the site and entering your email address in the “subscribe via email” box.

Muse Logo

For now, it’s time to unplug for the night and head out to dinner with my husband.  See you again tomorrow for  Day 2 of NaBloPoMo!

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Day 2: Still no rest…

…but I’m ok with that!  I’m still in catch-up mode but the relaxing is coming soon, I can see it!  I took the girls for another early morning walk at Lincoln Woods which was a great way to start today. When I got home, they napped and I set to work in the yard. My flower beds and garden are fully weeded and are looking fiiiine!

Later, I put together the two compost bins and moved my compost heap back. I’ve got a nice blister as the result of my efforts but tis ok with me. It’ll be nice to have the compost contained and easily accessible from the bottom when it’s ready rather than having to dig up entire piles to get to the good stuff.

Then I ran some errands: library, school to feed my fish, Jacob drop-off(s) and pick-up(s), etc.  We got some rain tonight which nixxed my evening walk at the Monastery with the girls but was welcome just the same. I love the green look of spring and early summer.  It totally puts me at peace and makes me smile.

This evening, I finally did a quick PatriotWorld Podcast. I’ll do another as soon as the Training Camp schedule is released and there’s more going on. Now that Pats news is focused on the future, I’ll be tuning in once again.  I haven’t turned on the NFL Network or listened to any sports talk radio all offseason. I like to focus on the positive so I steered clear of the Monday morning quarterbacking and debacle news.

Tomorrow, I plan on walking the girls, staking some plants, getting my laundry on the line early and hopefully spend a bit of time relaxing and reading by the pool.  It hasn’t happened yet, but getting things accomplished makes me very happy. :-)

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Good Morning & New Theme

Wow.. I love to just be able to video blog right from here… of course, I probably should at least brush my hair before firing it off but oh well! As you can see, I have a new theme… and things to do.

{seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:”http://t.seesmic.com/thumbnail/NLoSHSTkmf_th1.jpg”}”title”:{“value”:”Good Morning & new theme “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”http://www.seesmic.com/video/dI8cW6EL4U”}}}

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The Theme is the Culprit!

Ok… so I’m not the only one having the plug-in problems and someone on Seesmic suggested that it may be my theme and sure enough when I switched to the default one it works. I’ll have to try to get someone to help me to figure out the problem with it. Either that or my options are to a.) forget about using the plugin or b.) find a new theme that’s compatible.

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Bear With Me…

Hey Folks,

As many of you may know, I took a pretty serious fall down my outside stairs on Monday night and I’ve injured my back and will be laid up for awhile. I have access to the internet via my laptop (when Al helps me to and from the couch) but many of the other things that I update on a weekly basis can only be done via my desktop PC (website and podcast).

Unfortunately, I can’t sit there yet so I’m not sure if/when it will get done anytime soon. Just be sure that I’m not fading… just taking time to heal.

(Watch for Twitter, Utterz, and Seesmic updates throughout though since I can access those through my laptop…. between naps 😉

Go Pats!!





Technology Gremlin Day….

Finally got a Mrs. B’s Patriot World Podcast out for this week. After having 2 complete Thanksgivings, (shopping, prep, cooking, & cleaning) this week here we are on Friday already! Tuesday’s Thanksgiving with the kids at school was wonderful as was the one here at home with family yesterday.

Today is technology housekeeping and “fix the little glitches” day for me. I’ve gotten a few things done but I still have some issues to contend with, specifically:

  • Getting Frontpage to auto update my Patriots fan site without me having to choose each page to update. It used to work but hasn’t now in months and I get a wonky error message. Contacting host caused them to break the Frontpage Extensions and reinstall them which made even more problems….sigh…
  • Get the newest version of Castblaster to work and stop telling me that it can’t find temp.mp3 file then crashing. (Actually, I’m fed up with it and would like to find another software to do “live” podcasting. I also don’t like the fact that editing is nearly impossible and if I have to pause for an emergency, it doesn’t keep recording…sigh…)
  • Figure out why my album art isn’t showing up with my podcast if I have to insert it in iTunes, (due to having to use Audacity due to Castblaster errors…) ** IF Castblaster worked right every time then it would be a non-issue because I wouldn’t have to use Audacity or iTunes at all to create a show.
  • Wondering why my page looks like THIS to me and not to others. (Be sure to check out @abiteofsanity’s screen shot. Let me know what you see if you don’t mind..
  • Figure out why some updates to my blogs work on my laptop but I can’t do them on my desktop PC… specifically, access the Widgets on the Razor’s Edge blog and just as of today, be able to insert hyperlinks in this blog with my desktop PC. (Yes, I had to jump over here on my laptop to be able to finish this blog post.) This is very strange to me and I totally don’t understand any of it because the blogs are hosted on my web server and are accessible via a url to post and update, so the machine that I use to get there shouldn’t matter but it does.
  • Figure out why I have a dozen podcasts that I’ve listened to that show up in my “podcast” playlist with a ! but aren’t listed in “Music” or “Podcasts” any longer so I can’t access them to DELETE them. It’s totally cluttering up my playlists…

<bang head on desk> Hopefully that’s the end of my problems for today… I’m getting discouraged and as I said to a friend who I was venting to today.. “Is it too much to ask that things just work the way they are supposed to?!” </bang head on desk>




Day Off Dig Out…

It’s the crack of dawn.. (literally, since we changed the clocks back this weekend so it’s getting light now) and I’ve got a bonus day off because it’s Election Day in the city and they’re using my building so school is closed. I’m up early to get Jake up for school and debated sleeping in or jumping in because I’ve got tons to do but Bella’s up now so it’s coffee and catch up for me!

I’ve finally gotten the Redskins Tailgate post up after having problems with WordPress twice on Sunday. Something is buggy with the application, ONLY on this computer. I’ve lost the “Visual” tab when writing a post so I can’t add hyperlinks or pictures on this blog and the “Save and Continue Editing” leaves me with a blank entry and no draft on the tailgate blog (the source of my lost post on Sunday.) It’s weird because neither of these things happen on the laptop, just on this PC. I’m confused by this because WordPress is hosted on my site, I only access it through these computers… something else for me to ponder!

The Pats traveled to Indy on Sunday and played 60 minutes of football, coming back from a 10 point deficit in the 4th quarter to beat the Colts 24-20. It was a nail biter and a very exciting game! I’m totally psyched (as is all of Patriot Nation) to be heading into the Bye Week at 9-0! This certainly is an exciting year for us in NE with the way the Pats are playing and with the Red Sox winning the World Series. (Would ROCK to have a double header again this year for sure!)

Podcamp Boston 2 certainly didn’t disappoint and it was awesome to meet so many of people that I’ve admired and listened to/read for the past couple of years. There were some great sessions (I only attended Saturday) most especially Mitch Joel’s personal branding session which I was looking forward to. I didn’t take many pictures or do any recording but there’s a slew of it online from others. Check out the great video by Mark Blevis :-) In addition to meeting folks, attending sessions and sharing ideas, the music on Saturday night was awesome. Matthew Ebel had his Goodbye Planet Earth CD release and I also got to meet Natalie Gelman and Grace Buford who played terrific sets as well.

Today’s game plan is to read and record a couple of chapters of a book for a friend, label some Flickr pictures that I’ve yet to do, clear out the inbox, and do the Cinderella thing around here. I’ve still got a post- game podcast to do yet and with it being the bye week, I’m planning on doing a Muse with Me, playing with photoshop, catching up with my Reading List, and doing some knitting. But for now… more coffee!

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Hump Day Update

Been super busy with running back and forth to camp, writing reports, and updating pictures while maintaining Real Life along the way. Had a bit of a break today as it’s raining outside so I only have to head back this evening and have some time to do the Cinderella thing and catch up with site updates and such.

On Monday evening, it was the annual Season Ticket Holder’s practice held inside of Gillette Stadium. Prior to the practice I was invited to attend a screening/discussion of the new Patriots Hall of Fame slated to open in September 2008. Their vision and use of technology and new media insures that it’s going to be a state of the art and unique experience for all. I can’t wait to see it and I’m honored that as a former Fan of the Year, was asked for input regarding the fan section.

Karen with Joe Mastrangelo Jr.Mr. Kraft popped in and I was also able to meet Joe Mastrangelo in person for the first time. (The FOTY award and Memorial Trophy is named for his father.) After the presentation and buffet, we were able to take in practice from inside the press box. Too cool!

Random Tidbits:

  • Yesterday, I felt a little foggy and queazy so I’m hoping that it’s nothing that a day off won’t cure!
  • I finally finished Harry Potter 7 and … omg… LOVED it! I’ve reread the last chapters once already and think I’m going to do it again very soon.
  • Now, I’ve got lots of books in my bookbag to hit up since camp is winding down and vacation is approaching.
  • Next week, it will be all about switching gears from “Summer Life” to “School Life” as I’ll put in as much time as I can in my classroom getting thing ready before taking off for a week of relaxation.
  • I’m hoping to edit and post some of the audio and video from Matthew Ebel’s Backyard Bash soon :-)
  • Bella Update: Surgery in September, housebreaking is moving along, still too mouthy and riled up at night. But… I LOVE that little girl so very much!!

Pats Fans: Be sure to keep up with the Training Camp Reports , website updates, and Podcasts to get the scoop on what’s up at Gillette.


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