Manogamous Knitter

There are different types of knitters in the world. Those that have multiple projects going and those that complete one at a time. I try to be a multiple WIP-per (Works In Progress) type but just can’t do it!  I’m envious of all of the multiple project people!  I’m a To Do List type  and need to feel that sense of accomplishment by crossing something off the list. I just struggled through a long project and was determined to finish it. I made a lovely Strathcona scarf for the first time and in my haste, misread the pattern and knit half of it before realizing my mistake only when I started the second side and they didn’t match. So, I frogged it and began again. Also, the yarn was not the easiest to work with and my needles were junky and horrible. But… I powered through and finished because I was determined to do it and just couldn’t quit!  I love the way it turned out and I believe I will especially enjoy wearing it because of all the effort that went into it.

Strathcona scarf complete. #knit

Once I finished that project I treated myself to a quick knit.. another Gap-tastic cowl that I’ve made before and can do with my eyes closed. I needed to do something easy and fast after the last project.

Another GAP-tastic cowl complete. This is what happens when one is couch bound! #knit

My latest cast-on is a new hat pattern, Drizzle  by my favorite knitting podcaster, Mel Ski,   and I began it last night.  I am also  going to try to cast on something else during this long weekend, which goes against my natural inclination but I have been asked to knit a few things for others and will try to go outside my comfort zone. Wish me luck!

PS… This is my “trying out Continental knitting method” project because there’s a lot of stockinette. Knitting in the round means all knit and no purl. :-)

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Knitting it Forward

I’ve been spending a lot of time knitting lately and decided that as part of my Paying it Forward with Kindness brigade I will be gifting some knitting with the hopes that folks will pay it forward with some other random act of kindness. Here’s a soft and squishy extra long infinity scarf that I’ll be giving to a friend on Monday. I’m sure she will look beautiful in it.

Pay it forward random act of knitting gift for a coworker :-)

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