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It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost done and the new year is close to arriving!  It was a great year and I’m beginning to think about what I want 2016 to look like. I’m reflecting on my year and in some ways it was the best yet!  Each day during these final weeks I’m going to touch on something that has impacted me and stands out. For now though, I’m jumping forward and want to extend an invitation to you to join me in getting healthy and fit in 2016!!  I’m committed and dedicated to my purpose and want to help as many people as possible meet their goals as well.  Jump over to this post to see what it’s about.  I’ll catch up later with the start of my daily  posts to take us to the new year!


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Countdown to Camp…

It’s  Patriots Training Camp  Eve and I can feel that familiar excitement building…!  It’s going to be strange not attending every single session because of work but I’ll get there as much as I can. With the advent of technology and “Old Media” embracing “New Media” and the fact that I won’t be there every session, I’ve decided to forgo my traditional Mrs. B’s Training Camp Reports. I still may make some posts but the sense of urgency and need to rush home and drop everything to post is no longer necessary.

The PFW dudes will be live blogging from the tent and many people will likely be tweeting as well. Naturally, Mike Reiss and the other reporters will be posting from camp too and it’ll be all over the message boards and dissected and discussed before I even make it to my car.  I’ll literally have nothing to say two hours later when I finally make my way through the traffic and get home.  Besides that, there has been a ton of stress and other RL (real life) things to fill my mind these days and I really need to just go and enjoy camp without the stress of being “on duty”.  So, I’m not saying that there won’t be ANY reports or podcasts but I’m giving myself permission to just play things by ear and enjoy myself.  Fair enough?

School has been going well and even if I hated it I would still need to do it from a financial standpoint this year.  But… I don’t hate it at all.. I actually Love It!!  I’ve got a great group of students and while I love teaching my Severe Profound class during the year, I’m enjoying teaching academics to a higher level group this summer.  It’s a treat to be able to cover different material and work with them. The hours are also great and who can beat a 4 day weekend all summer?

Yesterday, I took a nice long ride on the Blackstone River BikeWay and it was great.  I’m lucky to have it so close by and it’s beautiful.  I had planned on riding my bike back and forth to school a lot this spring and summer but unfortunately, we’ve had so much rain, it’s been hard to plan it.  I hope to get back out on the path again soon.

As for right now, I’m hoping do some reading before crashing tonight because once camp hits it’s Patriots and nothing but Patriots for me from here on out!



Vacation Rules :-)

Now that Christmas is over and the HUGE Pats game on Sunday is done, it’s been pretty low key around here.. just the way I like it!  I’m very proud of my team and all that they accomplished this season despite the injuries and adversity. Although they won on Sunday, the Jets didn’t so our playoff hopes were dashed. It’s time for them  to rest, rehab and get ready for next season.

I’ve been catching up on things around here and doing some cleaning and starting to take down my Christmas decor. Because of the way that the holidays have fallen, we have another weekend after the first before heading back to school. I love it!  It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of the year. It certainly flew by and a lot has happened over the last 12 months: some good and some NOT so good. Regardless, I’m thankful for each day and look forward to the year of change ahead.

Speaking of a year.. here’s a video that has popped into my rss reader a few times this week. I’d like to share it here as I think it’s cool and since I love nature,  it puts a smile on my face. Eirik Solheim captured One Year in 40 Seconds. Enjoy!

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

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Calm before the storm & tailgate prep

Calm before the storm & tailgate prep.Very muggy awaiting Hanna and getting ready for tomorrow’s Patriots tailgate.

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Ahhh….. I’ve got the perma-smile going now! It’s that start of summer vacation look that reflects what I’m feeling inside.

Today was a very busy day because we moved Syd to her new room and I set up mine the way I want it for next year. The custodians will take everything out over the summer to strip the floors and clean it thoroughly but I have the layout all set. It’s a great feeling knowing that I’ll have all of that space to work with and can set up some vocational stations for my students as well. I’m very excited about next year already and my wheels are spinning making plans…

Naturally, there were less than 50 kids in the entire school today but I had a full class… hehe! My kids will have a few weeks off then will all be back for the summer program on July 7th. I never work summers and am usually so burnt out by the last day of school I would never dream of going in. If I’m not busy this year when they call for subs I may head in for a few days. (I left some pretty detailed instructions for the summer teachers about my class and I’m hoping that they follow through to keep the consistency for a smooth transition back this fall.)

Tonight was spent giving lots of rides, spending time with my girls and making out my list for tomorrow. I plan on working out early, getting some yard work done, going through my mail, taking the girls for walks, and running some errands. Hopefully I’ll get some reading done and I’m going to try reverting back to something I used to do years ago.. having my morning coffee on the screen porch. It mostly depends on the girls schedule (and if they can be out there without barking at the birds and waking up the neighborhood!)

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Countdown… 1!!!

So…. here I am! Today was another day of getting organized and cleaning. I’m in great shape for the summer and to start off next year. Of course, Room 249 was full but most of the rest of the school was empty. We always have a full house right up to the end; especially since they all go to school in the summer for ESY (extended school year).

Syd and I found out some great news today after school: She’s getting the room next to mine which is what we hoped for. We still plan on doing a lot together and more or less will be sharing 2 rooms now instead of 1 but we won’t be so squished and the best thing is I can take down the barrier that we’ve got separating our sides of the room. My room will be used for all of our daily living skill curriculum and when she’s cooking or using the laundry area, I’ll go into her room with my group. We’ll still be sharing materials, will team teach some units and will swap off kids and make different groups depending on what their needs are. I’m very excited about the upcoming year!!

Tonight was an errand night and by the time I got home, put the groceries away, took care of the girls and cleaned the kitchen it was already past doggie bed time! No worries though, since I’ll have LOTS of time very soon, to catch up on things!! I’ve got some library materials that are coming due and I need to return them soon.

Today was a very good day, and the only downer was Bella’s eye.. Every time I look at her I get choked up and want to cry. I called Dr. Abrams and he’ll see her on June 27th. Barring a miracle, spontaneous, self-healing, she’ll need surgery again and I’d like to get it ASAP. I’m nervous about her playing with Chloe and damaging it more. I’m trying to stay positive and sending the good vibe.. and I know that no matter what, she’ll be ok. I would love to avoid her having to go through yet another surgery though.

As for now, I’m heading to bed and once my phone alarm rings tomorrow at 6:00AM, I’ll not only shut it off but cancel the daily wake-up call for the next 10 weeks! :-)

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Countdown… 2

Just have a minute because I just got in, but tonight was my 8th grader’s graduation. They did great and it was a wonderful night, despite being moved indoors due to the weather. After, we went to a party in honor of our vice principal who is retiring after 30 years. It’s pouring out and I’m wet, so it’s off to change and get in bed.

On another note, I’m sad tonight because when I came home, I noticed that Bella’s other eye has a cherry eye… :-(  Looks like I’ll be calling the surgeon for yet another procedure .. I could use a hug.

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Countdown… 3

Today was a pretty uneventful day; the final day of classes for the 8th graders as they’re graduating Monday night. I finished off the last of my special education paperwork and typed out some visual aids that I want to laminate next week. The school was abuzz with all of the movement at the job fair and many teachers will be leaving my building to take elementary positions next year.  It’s going to look like a different place come September with all of the changes.  I’m still content with my decision; and it’s a good thing, because nobody bid on the PreK  job so it’s still open and they’ll be advertising and hiring outside of the district unless one of the few certified Severe/Profound teachers in my district chooses it over the summer.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, with yard work (we had a yard of cedar mulch delivered and it needs to be spread), my niece’s birthday party, Fathers Day, and the usual laundry, housework, weeding, etc.  I’m hoping to start off tomorrow bright and early with a nice walk with the girls before I do anything else. It’s a great way to start my day off right.

As of now,  I’m just finishing this post then opening my book to read until I fall asleep. Unfortunately, my son has friends sleeping over and those male voices echoing downstairs and on the screen porch are resulting in a symphony of barks from my girls… sigh… I can just imagine when they hit the pool.  Anyone got an extra set of earplugs?

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