Ahhhh…. how I love my summer life!!!! Working part time and spending time at the boat this summer has been awesome!  I’m so thankful and impressed that my furry girls have adjusted well and love the boat also! It’s our little home away from home and I get to enjoy being on the water.  Boat life means that I spend time with my dogs, get a beautiful walk in every day and am forced to relax a bit!  I have  been reading more since I’ve gotten out of school than I did during the whole school year combined. :)  Life is goooood!!!

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So, we spent the night on the boat but the DD (darling daughter) offered to take the dogs out in the morning for us so we left them home. It was a nice fall night at the marina. It was quiet and calm and was a great night to sleep down there. We went to the County Cork for dinner and drinks then headed to the boat to relax and spend the evening. We’ll likely head back next weekend then she’ll be pulled to rest for the winter.

Photo Oct 25, 9 22 10 PM



Photo Oct 26, 8 30 49 AM


Morning Java

Photo Oct 26, 9 12 46 AM


Water feeds my soul…


And now… home to watch the Patriots  game before Big Al goes to work and I get busy with my lesson plans, weekly food prep and getting ready for the work week.

Photo Oct 26, 3 04 00 PM

Touchdown, Patriots!!! #gopats!

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