Happy Birthday Bella!

It’s Big B’s 3rd birthday today!  I love that furry girl, so much. <3

Bella’s first day home.

Walking with the birthday girl. :-)

Birthday Girl!

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NaBloPoMo #15 Lazy Day

I’ve got a very busy week coming up and I was dragging a bit yesterday because of the game Thursday. When I woke up this morning and it was pouring outside, I decided to just “mail one in” and lounged out all day catching up on feeds, cuddling my girls, and planning my shopping lists for tomorrow.

I only left the house to go Petco with Bella to buy a car seat for Sugar and to get gas, then go to church in the evening. It was important to take her along with me because she gets nervous and starts shaking when we enter buildings other than houses, probably because of all she’s been through and thinks we’re going to the vet. She did well at the store and loves to be in the car. I couldn’t believe that I filled up my tank and only paid $1.99/gal. I know that there are actually some spots that are cheaper but I didn’t go shopping around, just stopped near Petco on the way home.

Tonight, we’re in for our usual movie and wine night and tomorrow I’ll head out with coupons and lists in hand to get my shopping done bright and early. I’ve still got two tailgates to write-up and the website to update so hopefully I’ll be able to get that done tomorrow.

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NaBloPoMo #11 New Addition <3

Yesterday I mentioned that I had something on my mind and today it all came to fruition. My friends who have Bella and Chloe’s parents initially kept one of the puppies from Chloe’s litter. Due to work changes in their lives they felt that they couldn’t give her enough attention so they asked me if I would mind taking her to be with her sisters. Little Miss Sugar came home today and so far so good!  She’s so tiny and pretty much stuck close to me today but there was no major issue when I brought her home. Here are some pictures from our first day together.

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Go Pats!

Bruschi Brew 13It’s a rainy Sunday morning here in RI (following a nice Saturday night by the firepit) but word out of Jersey is that it’s just muggy at the Meadowlands. Big Al and I are headed up to Zip’s Patriot Shrine in  NH to take in the game with fellow Razor’s Edgers this afternoon. It should be interesting and I’m very excited for this game. With Cassel at the helm, there’s a new sense of urgency in that there are a lot of unknowns today. Gone is that complacency of much of Patriot Nation wondering just how much of a blowout each week will be.  We are a team of 53 and while the QB is different I’m sure that they have prepared well  for the new challenge and are ready to take on Lord Favre and Co.

Chief’s post-game Podcast and Tailgate Report are posted  (finally) so Enjoy!  I’m hoping to get on a more regular schedule from this week out and will try to stick with it.  Fall is traditionally my busiest time of the year so I need to plan and budget my time wisely.

For now, we’re heading out to dinner with my Mom then making the trek North to cheer our boys to Victory!

Go Pats!!!

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Busy, but productive week!

Fans lining up to get into Patriots Training CampIt’s been a GREAT week!  Patriots training camp is in full swing, and I got together with 3 friends to catch up earlier in the week; two that I don’t see nearly enough and one that I’ve reconnected with after years and years. It’s not that we had a falling out, it was just that life took us in different directions and we just lost touch.

Bella had her eye follow-up yesterday and her eye is healing well so she’s free of the satellite dish and is a very happy girl. Over all she managed well with the collar but it’s such a relief to have it off to return to life as normal. :-)

I’ve also had some “luck” with some technology issues that I’ve need to take care of. I’ve added an email subscription box to each of the sites so that folks can subscribe to receive content delivered to their in-box if they prefer that over rss. While setting that up, I discovered that 3 of my feeds weren’t working right and fixed them just in time for the start of camp. (Thanks for the help, Ed!) Also,  for some reason, the podpress player is magically working on my podcast page once again. I don’t know how it suddenly started working but I don’t really care, I’m just glad it is!

Joephoto and MrsB at camp.One of the best things that has happened to make my life so much easier is that Patsfans and Patriotsplanet agreed to subscribe to my rss so that my Training Camp Reports would be automatically posted on the forums there rather than have me cut and paste all over town. It really does cut down on my workload when I get back from camp. Speaking of which, the first training camp report has been posted and yesterday’s podcast has been as well.

MrsB151: Welcome to Camp!

Game plan for today is to unplug and take advantage of the gorgeous day to work in the yard and around the house. After all of that rain, my zucchinis are like baseball bats and the tomatoes are ripening all at once. I’ve got weeds to pull and laundry backed up. We’re heading to a party this evening and another tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a double session day at camp but I’ll likely only make the morning session. At that, I probably won’t even have time to post a report right after because I’ll have to rush to make it to the Christening  on time.

Hope you had a great week as well!

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Countdown… 1!!!

So…. here I am! Today was another day of getting organized and cleaning. I’m in great shape for the summer and to start off next year. Of course, Room 249 was full but most of the rest of the school was empty. We always have a full house right up to the end; especially since they all go to school in the summer for ESY (extended school year).

Syd and I found out some great news today after school: She’s getting the room next to mine which is what we hoped for. We still plan on doing a lot together and more or less will be sharing 2 rooms now instead of 1 but we won’t be so squished and the best thing is I can take down the barrier that we’ve got separating our sides of the room. My room will be used for all of our daily living skill curriculum and when she’s cooking or using the laundry area, I’ll go into her room with my group. We’ll still be sharing materials, will team teach some units and will swap off kids and make different groups depending on what their needs are. I’m very excited about the upcoming year!!

Tonight was an errand night and by the time I got home, put the groceries away, took care of the girls and cleaned the kitchen it was already past doggie bed time! No worries though, since I’ll have LOTS of time very soon, to catch up on things!! I’ve got some library materials that are coming due and I need to return them soon.

Today was a very good day, and the only downer was Bella’s eye.. Every time I look at her I get choked up and want to cry. I called Dr. Abrams and he’ll see her on June 27th. Barring a miracle, spontaneous, self-healing, she’ll need surgery again and I’d like to get it ASAP. I’m nervous about her playing with Chloe and damaging it more. I’m trying to stay positive and sending the good vibe.. and I know that no matter what, she’ll be ok. I would love to avoid her having to go through yet another surgery though.

As for now, I’m heading to bed and once my phone alarm rings tomorrow at 6:00AM, I’ll not only shut it off but cancel the daily wake-up call for the next 10 weeks! :-)

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Countdown… 2

Just have a minute because I just got in, but tonight was my 8th grader’s graduation. They did great and it was a wonderful night, despite being moved indoors due to the weather. After, we went to a party in honor of our vice principal who is retiring after 30 years. It’s pouring out and I’m wet, so it’s off to change and get in bed.

On another note, I’m sad tonight because when I came home, I noticed that Bella’s other eye has a cherry eye… :-(  Looks like I’ll be calling the surgeon for yet another procedure .. I could use a hug.

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Happy 1st Birthday Bella!

Homecoming :-)

One year old today!

Hanging out with Chloe

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