Happy New Year

I’m feeling fantastic today!  I spent the final night of 2015 in quiet reflection… looking back at my goals for 2015, and planning what I will do in 2016.  For some, NYE is a party night and that’s ok for them but I believe it should be spent doing what makes you happy. (If partying is your thing, that’s great; it’s just not my style.) I much prefer solitude and being in my home with my thoughts and dreams.  I had a lot of time to reflect and really tease out what is important to me, setting my why and purpose and praying for the grace to be consistent and go after my dreams.  I deserve it and I only have one life to live.


I began my night of reflection with gratitude.  I am truly blessed and am especially grateful for:

  • my family, first and foremost (including my furry girls!)
  • my health
  • my intellect and drive to have a strong worth ethic
  • my home and the comfort it brings me
  • my “summer life” which includes boat life (extending into 3 seasons)
  • nature
  • my talents and hobbies
  • my faith in all that is good and the knowledge that I am responsible for my choices and outcome of my life
  • AdvoCare and the vehicle that offers the ability to change my circumstances
  • a current job that pays me well
  • the hope for an even better future; one in which I don’t dread Monday morning, rather celebrate it

Here’s to not only dreaming but action as well. Let 2016 be my best year yet!!

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Home Stretch

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost done and the new year is close to arriving!  It was a great year and I’m beginning to think about what I want 2016 to look like. I’m reflecting on my year and in some ways it was the best yet!  Each day during these final weeks I’m going to touch on something that has impacted me and stands out. For now though, I’m jumping forward and want to extend an invitation to you to join me in getting healthy and fit in 2016!!  I’m committed and dedicated to my purpose and want to help as many people as possible meet their goals as well.  Jump over to this post to see what it’s about.  I’ll catch up later with the start of my daily  posts to take us to the new year!


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