Lemons, lemons, lemons!

Waste not, want not is my theme… And I was able to make the most of it this time around.  For Christmas, I made limoncello and gave it as gifts. It was fantastic, got rave reviews and prompted me to make more.  This time around though, I was going to do it better and smarter!  While making the first batch ever, I was also in the throws of holiday prep and made it on a whim.  This time around, I planned better because it killed me to waste all of those naked lemons.  So, out of a single recipe of limoncello, I extracted the oils from the peels for the liqueur, made lemon jam from the naked lemons and today, made candied lemon peel from the post limoncello peel!  I feel fantastic!!!!  I literally used all of the lemon and only discarded the seeds.  Now, there’s nothing to do but enjoy… bon apetite!



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