Tightening the belt

The word for 2018 is Homemade.  Al and I love to go out to eat and indulge multiple times a week.  This year our goal is to cut back on all of those little things for the sake of big things.  As of right now, we have some big ticket items that are important to us. We would love to go to Portugal, back to Madeira some day, and unfortunately, we are having boat issues.  Fixing it may be a big job, but even if it’s not, eventually we would like a bigger boat.   It’s crazy to spend thousands of dollars every week on nothing.. when we could be saving that money for the really big things.

Also, a side benefit from cooking at home is the ability to eat healthier.  Portions in restaurants are HUGE and even though I always take some home, I always end up eating (and drinking) too many calories. By tightening the financial belt, we’ll both be able to literally tighten our belts…


Here’s to 2018!

PS… My husband is a great cook and I like to cook on weekends so there’s no reason to go out to eat so much.  Besides, it kills me to throw food away and it happens every single week.  Enough is enough!!

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