Happy New Year, 2018

It’s a brand new year!  Currently it’s in the single digits outside and the view is white… I love winter and snow and am an extreme weather person. In the summer it’s supposed to be hazy, hot and humid and in the winter we are supposed to have snow and cold.  It’s been cold for a couple of weeks and while we haven’t had much snow yet, what we’ve had has stuck around. I would love to see white until March!

Twenty-seventeen was the hardest year of my life.  Losing my precious mother unexpectedly was the biggest shock ever.  I’m still not fully convinced that it’s true… I forget sometimes and then WHAM… it hits me.  I’m still so sad and miss her so much, especially when I’m doing domestic things that I love. She knew how much I desperately wanted to be a stay at home mom and how much I love the simple things.  She taught me well and when I’m cooking, cleaning, etc, I think of her the whole time.  Someday, I hope I can retire and finally be home doing the things that I have always wanted to do full time.  (I pray that I live long enough to retire and enjoy it….)

Being home with a broken foot/surgery was certainly unexpected and forced me to slow down and just be present.  We couldn’t go to the boat all summer so I spent time here thinking and just being…  Then Al had his prostate cancer surgery and I went from being the patient to being the care-giver. Thankfully, lymph nodes were negative and we’re thankful that they caught it before it spread.

I took three trips to Arizona this past year and they will likely be my last. 🙁  I love that village and everything about it. I am thankful that mom had a wonderful life there and was able to retire young and enjoy her time with Eddie.  I went out for my usual trip in April and we went to Sedona, a place that mom wanted me to see. Then I traveled out the week that she passed and also again in November for her memorial service.  Eddie has said that the door is always open but it won’t be the same without my precious angel…

Thankfully, the fall was gorgeous so we made up for lost time and spent every weekend on the boat, including Sunday nights and left for school from there.  Jake is home between farming jobs so we had a dog-sitter and it was easy to stay without worrying about the girlies.   He’s home until the spring, then will start an apprenticeship in MA in April.

Looking ahead to 2018, we have a new granddaughter who is due in March.  I can’t wait for this!!!!!!  Kelsea had a rough early pregnancy but is feeling great now.  Her shower is next month so we’re excited about that and about welcoming the new precious babe to our family.  I can’t wait to be a Memere, a role that mom loved so much…


Personal goals for the new year involve tightening our finances so that we can realistically think about the future, getting healthy again by increasing my movement, decreasing my calories and making healthier food choices. (Tightening the finances  should help in that too since we won’t be going out to eat as much…)  I gained quite a bit of weight over the summer of being sedentary and the fall spent making up for lost time at restaurants and drinking adult beverages.


I am still longing to retire and stay home but unless we win the Powerball or something, I’ll have to continue working. I can’t picture doing this job for another 10 years though  …  I do it well, give 100% because that’s the way I am, but honestly, if I could afford it, I would walk away in a heartbeat and never look back. My true passion is doing domestic things and would love nothing more than to be a self sufficient homesteader.  (I still do lots of those things but not having the job on top of it would make it all the more sweet.)


I am so blessed to have my family, health, a warm home, a comfortable life and the opportunity to travel and relax on the weekends.

Here’s to a year of gratitude, good health, prosperity and kindness….


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