Tough first half…

Hey 2017… I wasn’t ready for you and all of the bombs that dropped.  This has been the toughest year of my life. It started off great with a decent school year, a great trip to New Hampshire in February, then my annual trip to Arizona during my April vacation to visit mom.  We had a fantastic time and went to beautiful Sedona for a couple of days.  As always,  I hugged her and cried when I arrived and also when I left.  Who would have known that it would be the last time…  (Pics from spring here.)

I lost my precious mom and angel on May 6th after complications from an angiogram.  As soon as I got the call that she was in ICU and hadn’t made it out of the procedure, I called my brothers and booked the first flight out. Unfortunately, I got a call while at the airport that she had passed… we didn’t make it to say goodbye.  We flew anyway and I spent the week helping her husband with arrangements and going through her stuff… Very difficult and heart wrenching.   I brought home a suitcase and couldn’t even open it for months.

Getting back to work was a blur… I managed to hold myself together for the kids because I needed to, but the minute they were out the door and the bus pulled away, I broke down and lost it.  I went through the motions for the next month.  We put the boat in the water at the end of May and went down for a couple of weekends. Then…..

On Father’s Day, after spending a fantastic day with our daughter, we closed up the boat and packed up the things that we would need in New Hampshire the following weekend/week.  Just as we were leaving, I went back in the cabin to get some cleaner for the other boat and slipped on the last step,  landing on the side of my foot.  Turns out I broke a bone and believe it or not, needed surgery. There went my plans for vacation!  No kayaking, boating, walking or hiking but thankfully, my doctor squeezed me in on Thursday, performed the surgery and we were off to Abakee for a week on the lake. I spent it sitting on the porch with my foot up and orders for non-weight bearing for 6 six weeks. Thankfully, I could recover there just as well as at home, but with a gorgeous view! (Here’s my summer pics…)

Following that week, I spent all of July sitting in the house. I binge watched lots and lots of series on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix and TV. (Will list in another post.)  I also did lots of jigsaw puzzles and read a lot.  I have never been so sedentary in my life.  But, I think it was the universe’s way of giving me the time home to grieve and not have any responsibilities for awhile. ( I never finished the school year and had to bow out of teaching summer school and also of presenting  some professional development training sessions this summer.)

As of last week, I’m out of my boot and started Physical Therapy yesterday.  I’ve lost some strength, mobility and balance but will gain it all back with 3x/week therapy.  It’s a good thing that the timing worked out because now I went directly from the patient to the nurse… Al had prostate cancer surgery last week and I spent the week driving back and forth to the hospital and now caring for him at home. We’re waiting for lymph node results and pray that everything is negative. Jake was home for the week and has already come and gone…

I’m dreading this weekend… Mom’s funeral and interment is Saturday and her husband is flying home today with her ashes. I can’t wait for the day to be over. This week has been opening the wounds and pouring salt on them.  Putting her obituary in the paper and ordering prayer cards was hard and seeing everyone on Saturday will be torture.  If Al can make it to the services we’ll be quite the pair, hobbling all the way.

Once Saturday is over, I want the rest of the month to go by slowly as I’m not ready to go back to work yet.  Oh, how I’m ready to retire!  Ok, 2017, it’s time for some GOOD news….


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  1. August 13, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Karen, my friend, you sure have had a bad go of it this year! I am so sorry that you lost your Mom. It is really hard losing a parent, especially you were so close to your Mom. Then on top of that your surgery! I hope the last half of 2017 treats you better! HUGS to you!

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