Terrific Tuesday!!

I love being home!!!! Of course,  that’s no surprise to anyone who knows me. 🙂  I had today off from school because it’s Election Day and it was a very productive one at that. I am so suited to being home, it’s not even funny!  I started my day at the lab having some blood work done that needed to be done on a day off. Next, I voted, then swung by my school to pick up some paperwork that I forgot.

Photo Nov 04, 6 49 59 PM

From there I went to the gym and did some cardio and weights.  When I got home, I made a delicious breakfast then I made 8 quarts of preserved pears (which took quite a few hours).

Photo Nov 04, 10 46 42 AM

Photo Nov 04, 3 34 18 PM

I picked up my new glasses at the eye doctor, took my dogs out a few times individually on leashes because some workmen were at the house and the gates were open.  I made some phone calls that were on my To Do list all week and went through the mail and did some online banking. Finally, I ate a delicious dinner and cleaned up the kitchen for the 3rd time today. Now, I’m catching up on my DVR and hopefully will finish knitting  the shawl that I’ve been working on.  Oh yah… and I almost “read” an entire audio book while completing all of my tasks today.

God… I can’t wait until this is my life EVERY DAY!!!

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