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This weekend I decided to try some apple butter to use up all of the apples I had on hand. I culled ideas from multiple recipes and comments  but one great tip that I  used was to collect the juice after boiling the apples and use it to make apple jelly. By doing this, it reduced the amount of liquid in the apple butter so that I didn’t have to “boil it down” to evaporate to an ultra thick consistency. I used a cheesecloth to strain it before putting the apples into the crock pot with the spices to cook all night into a delicious, dark, tangy apple butter spread.

After cooking all night, I canned the apple butter then used the saved apple juice to make a sweet apple jelly. Yippee!!  Talk about making the most of my batch of apples. I posted a picture on Facebook and friends/family want to try it.  If I do make large batches I will have to come up with a connection for cheap (ideally free!) apples to pull it off. Unlike everything else in my little hobby/business, these items are not organic and homegrown as I don’t have an apple tree. I will definitely pursue options to buy locally at least.


Oatmeal with homemade apple butter for breakfast. Yum!!

My Saturday morning breakfast: Oatmeal with warm apple butter.
Deep, dark tangy apple butter and sweet apple jelly from the same batch of apples. #canning #karenjeannecreations  #homemade #apples

Apple butter on the left, apple jelly in the middle and on the right.


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