Better late than never…

Last night, I finally got to plant my garden. I love my garden and I can’t believe I was so behind. This spring has been very weird; we either have had heat-wave hot, August weather or rainy damp, early April weather. During the summer type days I was either away or busy and couldn’t plant.  I ended up shopping for flowers and vegetables more than once because they had died in their pots waiting to be planted. Yesterday, after school I finally got them in the ground and planted some seeds as well.

My garden is completely organic and I use compost for soil enrichment and natural mulching techniques such as grass clippings. I water as much as I can by hand with rain water that I collect in my water barrels. I try to repurpose other materials as well… using broken fence posts and discarded lumber to edge my raised beds.


I’m looking forward to the garden’s bounty and will can, freeze or donate what I’m not able to consume. Right now, I’m eating strawberries in my morning smoothies and pea pods in my salads.  The peas self sowed from last year so they are an added treat.


Here’s looking forward to a fruitful bounty!

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