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Last night, I dusted of the mic and did a Patriotworld Podcast in anticipation of Patriots training camp which is opening tomorrow. YIPPEE!!!

You can head over to the podcast site to either listen there or to subscribe if interested. I should be updating regularly now that it’s camp time and with the season right around the corner. Go Pats!!

I also did a Muse with Me Podcast while I was at it.  It’s my non-Pats related cast, covering real life things such as what’s going on in my world and about what I’m up to in my garden, and about the books I’m reading. I almost forgot how to do it but it all came back…lol.  It was a productive night! 🙂

Your best bet is to subscribe via RSS or iTunes so you don’t miss any updates (if you are so inclined. ) 🙂

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