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With Christmas in the rear view mirror, I’m moving forward and just enjoying being home. One of my goals for this vacation is to get back to a consistent gym schedule and I’m happy that I’ve been able to stick to that. Today was spent running errands and YIKES… the traffic was nutty!  I had to do some practical things: bank, market, pet store, etc…. I would have prefered to not be out there with the crowds but I really had no choice.

I also went to Joanne‘s to spend the gift card that I got for Christmas. When asked what I wanted, I said that I needed some new  knitting needles and sewing notions so my niece obliged.  I bought some nice yarn as well and some candles which were marked down 70% because they were part of red, white, and green section of holiday stuff. (I always have candles lit and had run out of tapers.)

I’ve been pretty productive so far this week too, having uploaded all of my holiday pictures, tailgate pictures, writing up the latest tailgate report and updating the website. I also upgraded all of my blogs (except the podcast one because podpress doesn’t work with the newer versions). Unfortunately, my Now Reading plugin is broken for my Book Nook. I really hate upgrading wordpress and hold my breath each time I do!  Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out and not lose all of my information in my library. Right now, I can only see one page of entries and also have no links to add images to blog posts. It’s late now, so I’ll research it in depth tomorrow.

I hope to get a lot of reading done this week and some relaxing once the decorations are down and put away. I’m excited for the HUGE Patriots game on Sunday but don’t want to wish away this vacation so I’ll be content if time drags… Anyone who knows me knows: I Love Being Home!

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