Bye Week Busyness

Jake @ HOFGetting ready for tonight’s game vs. the 49ers later and wrapping up a busy bye week. Life has been all about school, working out,  and family stuff. Last week, Jake and I met up with Zip, Coach and Web and attended a viewing of The Hall at Patriot Place. It was an awesome visit to the Pats new interactive Hall of Fame.

I finally got the tailgate posted from the Miami game but wasn’t able to podcast this week. I’m hoping to get back into a regular schedule soon however, since we’re heading to San Diego for the second leg of the Pats west coast jaunt, I may not have time before we go.  Too bad I won’t be able to podcast during the long travel day. I will however, get to catch up on some reading and figure I can read at least 2 books during the trip.

Yesterday was the perfect fall day. I got up early, took the girls for a nice long walk and had clothes on the line early to soak up the sunshine and breeze.  I spent the rest of the day doing a super cleaning and putting up my fall decorations. I love the look of fall decor and the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of the season.

Snoozing PupsRight now, I’m just finishing my “Sunday Soup” which not only cleans out my crisper but will provide us with hot lunches this week. I’m also making some eggplant parmesean which I’ll end up freezing for a couple of meals. I really hate to waste food (who doesn’t?…duh) but throwing out organic produce by letting it rot is simply not acceptable. I’ve got a couple of mangoes in there as well that I’ll find something to do with this afternoon too.  Heck, while I’m in the cooking mode, I may even make some freezer meals for later use. It’s a perfect day for it with the cool temps and rain.

Today’s a Boston girl’s sports dream… Pats on at 4:15 then the Red Sox chance to sweep the Angels for the ALDS right after. Since the Dodgers swept and the Sox are a game away, the wheels are already spinning (not that we want to get ahead of ourselves but..) as the thought of a Manny & Torrey vs. Sox World Series is starting to take shape!

For now, I’m getting  back to cooking and soon will be gearing up for the Pats vs. 49ers ready to rebound from the Miami shocker two weeks ago.

Go Pats!!

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