Fabulous Fall!

Next to summer, fall is my favorite season! I love the colors, the smells, the clothes, Patriots football, the food, and the promise of starting fresh with a new school year. I’m usually busy beyond belief but once the routine gets going, I get into a groove. This year, my SMILE group  is awesome as is the curriculum, I’m dedicated to getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle and our new boat is exciting. We are going to attempt spending the night at that marina tonight with the 3 pups and hope that they cooperate. There aren’t many more weekends left before she is pulled for the winter and think it’s a good time to try it out while there aren’t many people there. Here’s hoping that the dogs are quiet and don’t find the need to alert us to every sound they hear! :-)

Photo Oct 24, 12 31 58 PM Photo Oct 25, 9 10 26 AM Photo Oct 23, 12 40 21 PM Photo Oct 11, 9 42 58 AM Photo Oct 16, 8 31 07 PM


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Thankful :-)

It’s so nice to have a day off from work. :-)  I love being able to get up and exercise, eat a nice breakfast and get caught up on things around the house. I did a lot of housekeeping of my online accounts, and got some paperwork done too. My clothes are off the line, healthy food prep is done for the week and my clothes are laid out for tomorrow already. Tonight, I plan on reading for awhile,  picking up the pointy sticks and getting to bed early. I love being home!!!!

Starting my weekly food prep with breakfasts and lunches. I love having them pre made to just grab and go. Eggs are boiling and fruit and #spark will be packed in the morning. #getfit #fitat50 #eatclean #advocare #webuildchampions #foodprep kcardoza.com to take the journey with me!

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Back to Busy

It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything! I’m back to school and back to the busy life. The summer wasn’t the greatest in terms of weather but it was still so nice to be on my abbreviated summer work schedule. Now, it’s back to work full time and then some. So much is different this year and it’s quite hectic.

I’ve made a big commitment to my health and wellness and have been doing great so far. Unfortunately I broke a toe at the end of August and haven’t been able to fit comfortably in shoes until this past week.  I finally went to the gym yesterday and it felt great to get on the elliptical and do some cardio. :-)  I’m down almost 20 pounds from clean eating, exercise and Advocare. Wooohooo!!!15263592648_8e54155d1e_o

In other news, Al got a new baby and we’re hoping to go for a few rides before pulling her into dry dock for the winter.



Life has been busy at the Madeira Club and with family as well. Of course, I still love being home best of all and am thankful that it’s a long weekend so that I can do the things I love most. :-)



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Happy Birthday, America


Happy Birthday, America!  While Hurricane Arthur threatens to ruin plans for many this weekend, we managed to have a fantastic 3rd of July. :-) Any day on the water is a great day for me… Al fished and I read then when it started getting a little rough, we headed back to the marina to relax a bit there. Later that night, we had an awesome clam boil (complete with lobsters) with friends on their dock.  The actual 4th may be a washout but the 3rd was great!

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Busy Relaxing..

Ahhhh…. I love my summer vacation life!  Spending the week of quiet up in New Hampshire is just what I needed after the hectic spring and school year. I’m thankful for the gorgeous enclosed porch at our cottage because it’s been raining quite a bit this week. No worries… the ladies went with the flow and settled in to craft. Today is my last day here and I plan on spending it by the water since the sun is out. Not being one to just “sit around” I had a productive week so far. (Yes, keeping busy with projects IS how I relax…)

Here’s a sample of my week:


Family Time


Early morning walks (or runs!)


Porch life…




Spectacular Views!


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Awesome and Incredible!!

So, here I sit on the porch in New Hampshire at Abakee Cottages, relaxing after the most eventful and wonderful spring ever!  This is my annual week to recharge and relax after the school year and it’s a fantastic start to the summer. Of course, my “summer vacation” is only 3 weeks as I’m teaching Extended School Year again this year. I plan on making the best of it!  It was a rough school year in terms of behavior management so I’m in dire need of a break and had I not already committed and had I not had the expenses that I did this spring it would have been the perfect summer to take completely off. But, it is what it is and I’m going to enjoy this week on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee to read, knit, relax and recharge.


As for my incredibly busy but fantastic spring, once the bridal shower was in the rear view mirror, life resumed with busyness working at the Madeira Club and also taking my after school program students to an Outdoor Science Adventure camp weekend in April. It took up a full weekend but was lots of fun and the kids loved it. I’ve decided to continue with the Smile program next year as well, despite the amount of work involved. It was very rewarding to me as a teacher to work with students and content that is so different from my day to day teaching duties.

When May arrived, we planned and departed for Hawaii for Jake’s graduation and Kelsea and Ben’s wedding ceremony. It was a fantastic trip and Al and I LOVED being there. We both loved everything about Hawaii and want to go back some day. I can see why Jake loved it as well. It was a week of mixed emotions for us seeing our baby girl get married, and our baby boy graduate from college, moving him out of Hawaii then head off to Panama for three months of off-grid living for an internship.  It was also so nice to see my mom there after my winter trip to Arizona to see her was cancelled by the airline due to weather.



When we arrived home, I went to the Rendezvous, was involved in more club events and commitments to keep me busy as well as wrapping up the school year, complete with my Smile Club’s stewardship project and the release of our salmon fry that we raised from eggs in the classroom.   June brought Kelsea and Ben’s wedding reception which was a lot of fun and was exactly what they wanted it to be.  And…. here we are!  Just one week out and now it is behind me, school is out and I can finally EXHALE…. Life is GOOD! :-)


PS… There aren’t a lot of photos embedded in the post because Flickr and WordPress no longer play well together and it’s a production to do it. Click the links to go to the actual albums to see more pics.

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Showered with Blessings

Now I can sleep and rest easy!  On Sunday, March 2nd I planned a bridal shower for my daughter and of course I was a wreck worrying about having enough food, wondering if I forgot anything or anyone and praying everything went well. Thankfully, it went off without a hitch. Erica, Kelsea’s best friend and maid of honor handled the decorations and I planned the rest.  Everyone had a great time, enjoyed the food, sangria and company. Countdown is on now for the Hawaiian beach wedding in May and reception at home in June. What a great year 2014 is shaping up to be!  (Jake’s graduating in May as well which was the spark for the whole beach wedding idea. :-))

Almost time! #klcbridalshower




Actual pictures of the bride to be and the shower itself coming soon.


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Farewell February

Today’s March 1st and it’s a special weekend… (more about that tomorrow!).  February was  like winters of old for me. I always love a snowy winter (and hot summer) and my favorite kind is when the world is white all winter. We had quite a few storms this month (yippee!) but one of them canceled my flight to Arizona to see mom (boo!). However, we managed to get away to New Hampshire for a few days to make up for it. I also was hit pretty hard with sickness this month but hopefully, it’s over and done.  Regardless… it was a good month.  Spring is right around the corner and there will be lots to do in the yard. Right now, it’s still frozen and covered in snow which is fine by me.  There’s a possibility of another storm on Monday and of course I’m doing the snow dance although most people are praying that it passes us by.  Here’s some fun February pics:

Love!!!!! #snowday #snowlover #winter

Front yard view


Gorgeous! This is what winter is supposed to be... White! #snowlover #winter

This is the way winter is supposed to be!


Meredith Bay, where we put the boat in. Looking for The Grumpy Old Men. Lol

Frozen Meredith Bay.  Where are the Grumpy Old Men? lol


winterNH2014 008

Relaxing in the hot tub at the Fireside.


Close up #pipersjourney shawl #knit  #knitting #schoolvacation #handmade

One of many projects completed this month. This one is Pipers Journey.


I'll make it better, mommy! Xoxo #sicksnuggles

Sick Mommy


Snow squall #snowlover

Snow Squall from my classroom window.


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