Welcome 2017

Happy New Year!  It’s time to take a look back at 2016 and celebrate successes and plan for improvements for the new year.  It definitely was a mixed bag… There are some things I’m proud of and some that were less than stellar.

Some highlights:

  • Jake completed his thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail and came home after living in Hawaii for 4 years, Panama for 2 and the trail for 5 months.  I lived vicariously through him and shared his excitement, at the same time concern for his safety, etc. I am so proud of him and the man he has become!! (Stay tuned for PCT2017.. yikes!)
  • I’m having an excellent school year so far after moving back down to my room on the first floor and having a bit of a break without any 8th graders who need transition plans, alternate assessment binders, career development plans, secondary IEPs etc… Also, no ELL students so no Access testing either!
  • This was the best summer yet with boating season running from April until Thanksgiving week, a trip to NH to recharge on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, and a glorious 2 weeks in Madeira Island.
  • So far, so good with health of the family and friends.
  • Giving up a “business” that was taking more out of me (time, money, etc) than giving me and being true to myself.

Some things I intend to focus on in 2017

  • Moving more and spending less time with mindless time-suck activities. I need to actually carve out time and follow through on making fitness once again a priority. Not making excuses about time, injuries, etc and just pushing through whether I feel like it or not.
  • Cleaning up my diet.. all that #boatlife and vacationing took its toll and I gained back all that I lost over the past 2 years. Time to get back to healthy, clean living, not only for the way I look and feel but most importantly for my health.
  • Getting outside and into nature more. I’ve always been a nature girl and enjoy it when at the boat but I need that daily dose of fresh air year round.
  • Meditate more and social media less… nuff said!
  • Read more and enjoy more quiet time.
  • Not get sucked into others’ drama.  Live my quiet life with integrity and by my standards. Walk away and not participate or even listen to others’ gossip.
  • Say “NO” more often!!!!!!!!!
  • Appreciate everything.
  • Love more!
  • Be strong in my convictions no matter what.
  • Keep raising my standards and not waiver.
  • Declutter and let go.
  • Be frugal (and convince him to as well) so that we can enjoy the big things in life… (hint, Madeira 2018!)
  • Just be happy!

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Ahhhhh…. it’s April vacation week and I’m currently sitting on t he boat in a nearly empty marina watching the sun go down. I love off season down here… quiet and just one with nature. It’s our first day down and we came to open her up for the season and will spend the night.  I just got back from Arizona where I spent some awesome time living my “taste of retirement” life.  I truly am a lucky girl. I love quiet time and I’m able to enjoy it when I’m off from work.  I read more this past week than I’ve been able to in quite awhile. I’ve knitted and  I’ve also put on more miles on this body than I’ve had time to recently as well.  Oh, how I love vacation!!!!  I can’t wait until I retire then I can do the things I love as much as I want. :) In the meanwhile, I’m thankful and blessed to have the week off… :)  Countdown is on to my summer life!


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Happy New Year

I’m feeling fantastic today!  I spent the final night of 2015 in quiet reflection… looking back at my goals for 2015, and planning what I will do in 2016.  For some, NYE is a party night and that’s ok for them but I believe it should be spent doing what makes you happy. (If partying is your thing, that’s great; it’s just not my style.) I much prefer solitude and being in my home with my thoughts and dreams.  I had a lot of time to reflect and really tease out what is important to me, setting my why and purpose and praying for the grace to be consistent and go after my dreams.  I deserve it and I only have one life to live.


I began my night of reflection with gratitude.  I am truly blessed and am especially grateful for:

  • my family, first and foremost (including my furry girls!)
  • my health
  • my intellect and drive to have a strong worth ethic
  • my home and the comfort it brings me
  • my “summer life” which includes boat life (extending into 3 seasons)
  • nature
  • my talents and hobbies
  • my faith in all that is good and the knowledge that I am responsible for my choices and outcome of my life
  • AdvoCare and the vehicle that offers the ability to change my circumstances
  • a current job that pays me well
  • the hope for an even better future; one in which I don’t dread Monday morning, rather celebrate it

Here’s to not only dreaming but action as well. Let 2016 be my best year yet!!

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Attitude of Gratitude 2015-1

Ahhhhh…. the bell rang at 2:30 and school is out until next year!  I turned off my alarm clock and I have 12 glorious days home for #staycation!  I’m truly grateful for some quiet time to do things that I love.   Tomorrow I’ll be running some errands and getting final prep for Christmas done.  I’m thankful today for my students and the joy that they bring me. They’ve been very good and I love heading into vacation on a high note. We had our little holiday party in our classroom today which was fantastic and we got to enjoy a movie together with the sixth grade team yesterday. Photo Dec 22, 9 36 08 AM Photo Dec 22, 9 35 54 AM Photo Dec 22, 10 49 55 AM I’m so happy that we were included in the field trip because a simple thing like going to a theater is not something that they often get to do.   After school I attended the boys basketball game and then headed home. I’m glad that we have  girls’ and boys’ teams once again as our students need something to get excited about and take pride in. It’s also a good incentive for those kids that typically are in trouble to make some better choices to stay off social suspension.

I’m home now and the girlies are all tucked in. I’ve got the candles lit, the tree on and I’m getting comfortable. As soon as the hubs gets up for work, I’m jumping in my nest with my books an Christmas music.


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Home Stretch

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost done and the new year is close to arriving!  It was a great year and I’m beginning to think about what I want 2016 to look like. I’m reflecting on my year and in some ways it was the best yet!  Each day during these final weeks I’m going to touch on something that has impacted me and stands out. For now though, I’m jumping forward and want to extend an invitation to you to join me in getting healthy and fit in 2016!!  I’m committed and dedicated to my purpose and want to help as many people as possible meet their goals as well.  Jump over to this post to see what it’s about.  I’ll catch up later with the start of my daily  posts to take us to the new year!


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Ahhhh…. how I love my summer life!!!! Working part time and spending time at the boat this summer has been awesome!  I’m so thankful and impressed that my furry girls have adjusted well and love the boat also! It’s our little home away from home and I get to enjoy being on the water.  Boat life means that I spend time with my dogs, get a beautiful walk in every day and am forced to relax a bit!  I have  been reading more since I’ve gotten out of school than I did during the whole school year combined. :)  Life is goooood!!!

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Ahhhh….  I made it through a very trying school year and I’m ready to enjoy my summer and recharge my batteries. I am truly blessed to be up at my favorite spot at the lake this week with my knitting needles. books and walking shoes. :) I’m also looking forward to spending as many nights on the boat at the marina this summer as I can if I’m not working. I’m healthy, happy and loving helping others with my AdvoCare business. Life is Good!!







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Love the Staycation!

Merry Christmas, all!  Today is the day after and it’s the start of my staycation… ahhhh!  I love being home!!  The holiday was very nice and we didn’t go crazy. I’m not very materialistic and I have given up stressing over all of the shopping and wrapping and obligations and craziness years ago.  I like a nice quiet Christmas Day in PJs and that’s just what we had. Christmas Eve is the big night with Al’s family and then Christmas Day is spent at home. This year, my brother, niece, nephew and my Dad came by for lunch and it was nice and low key.  I’m off work until January 5th and I’m got a nice To Do list going. Of course, there’s IEPs to write, Alternate Assessment to plan and some playing around  and learning with the Chrome Book that all of the students will be getting when we go back to school, but there will be plenty of time to exercise, read, knit, crochet and spend time with my girlies.  It feels so good to not set the alarm; oh how I can’t wait to retire!! :-)


I’m doing great with my healthy lifestyle and my involvement with AdvoCare. It’s been an awesome fit for me and I’m looking forward to helping others have success with it as well. My progress has been great! So far, I’ve lost 25 pounds and my cholesterol is down 48 points. My energy is through the roof and I am helping others change their lives.  There’s a national 24 Day Challenge kicking off on January 7th and I’ve got a nice team of family and friends who will be doing it with me. Check out my Fit@50 page to keep up with the health/wellness news.


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