Ahhhh…. how I love my summer life!!!! Working part time and spending time at the boat this summer has been awesome!  I’m so thankful and impressed that my furry girls have adjusted well and love the boat also! It’s our little home away from home and I get to enjoy being on the water.  Boat life means that I spend time with my dogs, get a beautiful walk in every day and am forced to relax a bit!  I have  been reading more since I’ve gotten out of school than I did during the whole school year combined. :)  Life is goooood!!!

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Ahhhh….  I made it through a very trying school year and I’m ready to enjoy my summer and recharge my batteries. I am truly blessed to be up at my favorite spot at the lake this week with my knitting needles. books and walking shoes. :) I’m also looking forward to spending as many nights on the boat at the marina this summer as I can if I’m not working. I’m healthy, happy and loving helping others with my AdvoCare business. Life is Good!!







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Love the Staycation!

Merry Christmas, all!  Today is the day after and it’s the start of my staycation… ahhhh!  I love being home!!  The holiday was very nice and we didn’t go crazy. I’m not very materialistic and I have given up stressing over all of the shopping and wrapping and obligations and craziness years ago.  I like a nice quiet Christmas Day in PJs and that’s just what we had. Christmas Eve is the big night with Al’s family and then Christmas Day is spent at home. This year, my brother, niece, nephew and my Dad came by for lunch and it was nice and low key.  I’m off work until January 5th and I’m got a nice To Do list going. Of course, there’s IEPs to write, Alternate Assessment to plan and some playing around  and learning with the Chrome Book that all of the students will be getting when we go back to school, but there will be plenty of time to exercise, read, knit, crochet and spend time with my girlies.  It feels so good to not set the alarm; oh how I can’t wait to retire!! :-)


I’m doing great with my healthy lifestyle and my involvement with AdvoCare. It’s been an awesome fit for me and I’m looking forward to helping others have success with it as well. My progress has been great! So far, I’ve lost 25 pounds and my cholesterol is down 48 points. My energy is through the roof and I am helping others change their lives.  There’s a national 24 Day Challenge kicking off on January 7th and I’ve got a nice team of family and friends who will be doing it with me. Check out my Fit@50 page to keep up with the health/wellness news.


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Terrific Tuesday!!

I love being home!!!! Of course,  that’s no surprise to anyone who knows me. :-)  I had today off from school because it’s Election Day and it was a very productive one at that. I am so suited to being home, it’s not even funny!  I started my day at the lab having some blood work done that needed to be done on a day off. Next, I voted, then swung by my school to pick up some paperwork that I forgot.

Photo Nov 04, 6 49 59 PM

From there I went to the gym and did some cardio and weights.  When I got home, I made a delicious breakfast then I made 8 quarts of preserved pears (which took quite a few hours).

Photo Nov 04, 10 46 42 AM

Photo Nov 04, 3 34 18 PM

I picked up my new glasses at the eye doctor, took my dogs out a few times individually on leashes because some workmen were at the house and the gates were open.  I made some phone calls that were on my To Do list all week and went through the mail and did some online banking. Finally, I ate a delicious dinner and cleaned up the kitchen for the 3rd time today. Now, I’m catching up on my DVR and hopefully will finish knitting  the shawl that I’ve been working on.  Oh yah… and I almost “read” an entire audio book while completing all of my tasks today.

God… I can’t wait until this is my life EVERY DAY!!!

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So, we spent the night on the boat but the DD (darling daughter) offered to take the dogs out in the morning for us so we left them home. It was a nice fall night at the marina. It was quiet and calm and was a great night to sleep down there. We went to the County Cork for dinner and drinks then headed to the boat to relax and spend the evening. We’ll likely head back next weekend then she’ll be pulled to rest for the winter.

Photo Oct 25, 9 22 10 PM



Photo Oct 26, 8 30 49 AM


Morning Java

Photo Oct 26, 9 12 46 AM


Water feeds my soul…


And now… home to watch the Patriots  game before Big Al goes to work and I get busy with my lesson plans, weekly food prep and getting ready for the work week.

Photo Oct 26, 3 04 00 PM

Touchdown, Patriots!!! #gopats!

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Fabulous Fall!

Next to summer, fall is my favorite season! I love the colors, the smells, the clothes, Patriots football, the food, and the promise of starting fresh with a new school year. I’m usually busy beyond belief but once the routine gets going, I get into a groove. This year, my SMILE group  is awesome as is the curriculum, I’m dedicated to getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle and our new boat is exciting. We are going to attempt spending the night at that marina tonight with the 3 pups and hope that they cooperate. There aren’t many more weekends left before she is pulled for the winter and think it’s a good time to try it out while there aren’t many people there. Here’s hoping that the dogs are quiet and don’t find the need to alert us to every sound they hear! :-)

Photo Oct 24, 12 31 58 PM Photo Oct 25, 9 10 26 AM Photo Oct 23, 12 40 21 PM Photo Oct 11, 9 42 58 AM Photo Oct 16, 8 31 07 PM


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Thankful :-)

It’s so nice to have a day off from work. :-)  I love being able to get up and exercise, eat a nice breakfast and get caught up on things around the house. I did a lot of housekeeping of my online accounts, and got some paperwork done too. My clothes are off the line, healthy food prep is done for the week and my clothes are laid out for tomorrow already. Tonight, I plan on reading for awhile,  picking up the pointy sticks and getting to bed early. I love being home!!!!

Starting my weekly food prep with breakfasts and lunches. I love having them pre made to just grab and go. Eggs are boiling and fruit and #spark will be packed in the morning. #getfit #fitat50 #eatclean #advocare #webuildchampions #foodprep kcardoza.com to take the journey with me!

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Back to Busy

It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything! I’m back to school and back to the busy life. The summer wasn’t the greatest in terms of weather but it was still so nice to be on my abbreviated summer work schedule. Now, it’s back to work full time and then some. So much is different this year and it’s quite hectic.

I’ve made a big commitment to my health and wellness and have been doing great so far. Unfortunately I broke a toe at the end of August and haven’t been able to fit comfortably in shoes until this past week.  I finally went to the gym yesterday and it felt great to get on the elliptical and do some cardio. :-)  I’m down almost 20 pounds from clean eating, exercise and Advocare. Wooohooo!!!15263592648_8e54155d1e_o

In other news, Al got a new baby and we’re hoping to go for a few rides before pulling her into dry dock for the winter.



Life has been busy at the Madeira Club and with family as well. Of course, I still love being home best of all and am thankful that it’s a long weekend so that I can do the things I love most. :-)



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