Showered with Blessings

Now I can sleep and rest easy!  On Sunday, March 2nd I planned a bridal shower for my daughter and of course I was a wreck worrying about having enough food, wondering if I forgot anything or anyone and praying everything went well. Thankfully, it went off without a hitch. Erica, Kelsea’s best friend and maid of honor handled the decorations and I planned the rest.  Everyone had a great time, enjoyed the food, sangria and company. Countdown is on now for the Hawaiian beach wedding in May and reception at home in June. What a great year 2014 is shaping up to be!  (Jake’s graduating in May as well which was the spark for the whole beach wedding idea. :-))

Almost time! #klcbridalshower




Actual pictures of the bride to be and the shower itself coming soon.


Farewell February

Today’s March 1st and it’s a special weekend… (more about that tomorrow!).  February was  like winters of old for me. I always love a snowy winter (and hot summer) and my favorite kind is when the world is white all winter. We had quite a few storms this month (yippee!) but one of them canceled my flight to Arizona to see mom (boo!). However, we managed to get away to New Hampshire for a few days to make up for it. I also was hit pretty hard with sickness this month but hopefully, it’s over and done.  Regardless… it was a good month.  Spring is right around the corner and there will be lots to do in the yard. Right now, it’s still frozen and covered in snow which is fine by me.  There’s a possibility of another storm on Monday and of course I’m doing the snow dance although most people are praying that it passes us by.  Here’s some fun February pics:

Love!!!!! #snowday #snowlover #winter

Front yard view


Gorgeous! This is what winter is supposed to be... White! #snowlover #winter

This is the way winter is supposed to be!


Meredith Bay, where we put the boat in. Looking for The Grumpy Old Men. Lol

Frozen Meredith Bay.  Where are the Grumpy Old Men? lol


winterNH2014 008

Relaxing in the hot tub at the Fireside.


Close up #pipersjourney shawl #knit  #knitting #schoolvacation #handmade

One of many projects completed this month. This one is Pipers Journey.


I'll make it better, mommy! Xoxo #sicksnuggles

Sick Mommy


Snow squall #snowlover

Snow Squall from my classroom window.



So last week, the kids threw us a fabulous party.   On Monday, I started to feel sick with a  sore throat and no voice. As the week went on, I got sicker and needed to take Thursday and Friday out of school. It’s Sunday and I’ve been in PJs since leaving school on Wednesday. I’m so thankful that this bug hit after the big bash and not last week or I wouldn’t have been able to make it!  I was forced to sleep, relax and recuperate. Sometimes the body has a way of forcing you to stop and take it easy. I’m not thankful that I was sick but I am thankful for the timing! My To Do list is growing, between school and family things coming up with Kelsea’s shower, wedding, reception and Jake’s graduation.

The life.... ! #homebody #chihuahuas #reading #weekend

I am also thankful for time to be home to just cuddle my girlies, work on craft projects that I love, read, and relax.  I’m realizing that I need to eliminate things in my life that make me depressed, sad, or miserable. I need to learn to say “no” and I am praying for the strength to make some changes in my life that may not be easy. I’m especially praying for the wisdom to know what to do.  All I do know is… my gut tells me if things give me joy or sap it from me and I need to listen to my gut. It’s clearly telling me something… and life is too short to spend time feeling this way.  Why should I spent my life always waiting for “x” to be done to finally be totally happy? Why can’t it just be now??


Fabulous, Fantastic, …. Family!

So Al turned 50 in December and my big day is in February so who would have thought that the kids threw us a Fabulous, Fiftieth in January??  Yep, they did! Well… Kelsea really did the work but planned it for when Jake was home from school for Christmas break. She got help her aunts and honestly, pulled off a fantastic surprise. It was so much fun and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time.  Look for yourself!


1546404_595756580497848_1019853070_n1239393_595757680497738_321125510_n1513271_595763493830490_835402999_n1521548_595753227164850_451365569_n1531793_595765847163588_188415028_n1506428_595752503831589_726910149_n993547_595753223831517_1761001425_n 1558520_595758593830980_1211833762_n

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014!  The year started off at the Madeira Club with friends because Al worked. I have never gone out for New Years Eve but did this year since I was part of the planning committee. It was a fun night! The new year has brought snow and frigid temperatures and a nice long weekend.  This year is sure to be an exciting one with Jake graduating from college in May, Kelsea and Ben getting married and our trip to Hawaii for both ceremonies!  As of Monday, I’m hitting the ground running with clean eating and working out and aim to lose 25 pounds by the time I land in Oahu!  As of now, I’m enjoying Jake’s last week home before heading back for his final semester. Bring on 2014!


The truth is… it’s Sunday evening and I have the same feeling in the pit of my stomach that I get every Sunday.  Where has my weekend gone already?  I am a homebody and that is nothing new. The feeling of dread is because it’s time to back to work. My favorite weekends are those that I don’t have anything on the calendar. While many people look forward to invites and going out, I always prefer to stay home.  While I’m home, it’s not that I want to be there to veg out on the couch watching TV, (although I do manage to spend some time on Saturday nights watching movies), rather I love to spend it doing domestic things. Yesterday was a fantastic day of cooking and baking. :-)

The truth is… while some consider me to be an excellent teacher, it’s likely because I don’t do anything halfway. I put my all into my job because that’s how I am made and who I am. The truth is… if I could afford to stay home I would walk away right now. Some people feel that they need a career and work for the love of it. My truth is that I work because I need a job to make money. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a homemaker/stay at home mom my entire life. This is nothing new. I put off going to college right after high school because I had no desire to do anything other than that. Unfortunately, finances didn’t allow for it so I went to work.  Eventually, I went to college because if I had to work, it was going to be doing something that would allow me to be home as much as I could to be with my own children.

The truth is… I love cooking, sewing, gardening, crafting, reading, knitting, my dogs, nature and yes… even cleaning. I would love to live on a farm or at least a parcel of land large enough to live a simple life being as self-sufficient as possible. While I do have a garden and preserve as much as I can, I’m limited mostly by time because I work. I would love to have some chickens and maybe some goats (nature’s lawn mowers) and have a huge garden and greenhouse. It would be awesome to have time to cook from scratch every day, including making gluten free bread. I would be a perfect homesteader. While I do some of those things, having to work limits my ability to be as self sufficient as I would like to be.

The truth is… I could care less about the mall, having lots of clothes and other fancy things. If I didn’t work, my closet would contain nothing but comfortable, functional wear. The only reason why I have any dressy clothes and shoes is for work and functions. (Imagine the money I could have saved over the years without all of that!)  I’m so different from so many people that I know. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. The truth is… If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have lived the frugal life, not even bothered to go to college, stayed home with my kids and taken on a small job if I needed to and would not be constantly counting the days until I can retire. I want to live that retired life right now. It’s sad, but a part of me thinks I’ll probably die before ever getting to retire :-(

The truth is… I can’t go back, it’s time to iron my clothes for work tomorrow,   and I pray for a quick week then I can enjoy Christmas break at home.   I’m looking forward to it, not because of Christmas (my dislike of the commercialism of the holidays is not a secret either…) but rather so I can be out of work from December 20th at 2:30 until January 2nd.


Checking In

Wow… here we go again.. I’ve been absent from the blog for too long. Life is so busy with work, life, volunteering at the Madeira Club and doing things around the house. My jelly/jam/apple butter making is done for the year and here’s hoping that they all go! Last weekend I set up at a bazaar and I’m going to be doing a small one this week as well.

So many things have happened this fall as well… My darling daughter got engaged and rather than getting married in two years as originally planned, they decided to get married on the beach in Hawaii this May when we fly out for my son’s college graduation!  There’s planning, showers, and making ready for the spring.  We’ll be having a reception in June to include the local family and friends. By the time this school year is done I’ll have a college graduate and a married daughter! What a big year!

Yesterday was our Thanksgiving and it was a low key day with just my husband, dad, daughter and fiancé. After cleaning up, I decided to decorate for Christmas so DH and I got everything done except the live tree for the family room. We’ll likely go out to buy it this afternoon and will decorate it this weekend. The plan is to tackle my extremely cluttered and full spare room today. That’s going to be a huge job but since we’ll be pulling out the Christmas bins anyway, it makes perfect sense.

I’ve been knitting and trying to spend at least 15 minutes before bed reading just for pleasure. Usually, during the school year, I’m so busy that it’s all about work. I’m making a conscious effort to have some balance… life is too short!
Feast time! #teaching #classroomthanksgiving #family

Classroom Thanksgiving Feast!


Awesome morning off!

Me time!

It’s ready…



The family <3



Ho, Ho, Ho! lol

Little Christmas “Bush” … Live family room tree coming soon!


I am so grateful and blessed with so much in my life…. LIFE IS GOOD!

PS… The Red Sox won the World Series since my last post! Wooohooo!!



The sea is calling…

Ahhhhh!  I finally got to enjoy the boat today. :-)  I haven’t been out in her since August in New Hampshire. It was a combination of going  back to school, busy weekends and the boat being in the shop. Al has been going out with a friend in his boat this fall but I haven’t had the pleasure. Today was a low key day but was just what I needed!

Yippee! Oh how I have missed you! #boatlife Visitors! #boatlife #swans

The fisherman... #boatlife
Ahhhhh! #boatlife

Fall in New England #boatlife